Shift happens... Create magic!

Empowering The Body, Mind & Soul

Since 1999... Constance Santego has been inspiring clients and students with many of her holistic healing and life coaching step-by-step online & on-site sessions, workshops, books, retreats, and live events; taking you on a journey to empower your mind, body, and soul. Constance continually strives to advance her knowledge and is currently in the process of attaining her Ph.D. and DOCTORATE in Natural and Integrative Medicine.


For all people seeking Body, Mind & Soul well being and balance, to create their dreams into reality in this lifetime.


To provide healing, coaching, and training that motivates, inspires and transforms enlightened souls to their dream life. We do this through education.


To train, demonstrate and emanate the power of your Inner Genie (your subconscious mind) through empowering and educating the Body, Mind & Soul


Without purpose, many of us wander around feeling empty and unsatisfied.
My purpose is to bring self-empowerment into your life by showing you the path to manifesting your Dreams, Wishes, Wants, and Desires into Reality... be that Health, Wealth and/or Happiness

Start With Creating Your Own Vision & Mission In Life

My Personal Vision

I am happy and grateful that I am flying in my jet plane to all my sold-out amphitheater events and retreats around the world. Or to be relaxing by the pool of one of my architectural homes.


My Story

My personal vision is considered a fantasy to some, a 'C' goal to others...
Come Join Me... and let me show you how to Think Big, AND Dream Even Bigger!