I am so happy and grateful that I have the
Knowledge of the Healing Arts combined with the nine Spiritual Gifts.

Shift happens... Create magic!

Empowering The Body, Mind & Soul


Is where everyone on Earth has the abilities of the Nine Spiritual Gifts and uses them for the power of Good.


To provide healing, coaching, and training that motivates, inspires and transforms enlightened souls. We do this through developing the gifts you were born with: Knowledge, Wisdom, Faith, Healing, Miracles, Prophecy, Distinguishing Spirits and Tongues.


I inspire, motivate and transform souls seeking the teachings of the nine Spiritual Gifts; so he or she can develop their supernatural abilities on Earth.


Without purpose, many of us wander around feeling empty and unsatisfied.
My purpose is to bring self-empowerment into your life by showing you the path to your enlightened soul by unlocking, awakening, and accessing your nine Spiritual Gifts.

Start With Creating Your Own Vision & Mission In Life

My 'C' Goal

I am happy and grateful that I am flying in my jet plane to all my sold-out amphitheater events and retreats around the world. Or to be relaxing by the pool of one of my architectural homes.


My Story

My personal vision is one day in the near future I am on stage in an indoor, three-tiered amphitheater which holds over 18,000 people. I am the only one on stage about to talk to the audience. My hair is light and flowing as I am wearing a beautiful peach colored long dress. My Aura is glistening a shimmering hue of pink as I feel like I am lightly levitating from the enlightened energy surrounding me.

I have had this vision for many years now, it is more than a dream. Spirit seems to be guiding me towards this day, in all of my life's lessons and trials. I do not know all the details of how it happens, I just know it is going to happen.

Come Join Me... and let me show you how to Think Big, AND Dream Even Bigger by awakening your Inner Genie, and all your Spiritual Gifts!