Dr. Constance Santego is a highly respected expert in the field of holistic health and spiritual healing. With over twenty years of experience teaching courses on these subjects, she has developed a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit in achieving overall well-being.

Dr. Santego holds a Ph.D. and Doctorate in Natural Medicine, which has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of alternative healing modalities and their application in promoting optimal health. Her educational background has equipped her with the knowledge to address health concerns from a holistic perspective, considering the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual's well-being.

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Throughout her career, Dr. Santego has been committed to sharing her knowledge and empowering others to take control of their health and healing. She has a unique ability to blend scientific research and traditional wisdom, creating a bridge between conventional and alternative medicine.

In her “Secrets of a Healer” educational series, Dr. Santego draws upon her vast experience and expertise to captivate readers with her insights and teachings. She takes readers on a transformative journey, delving into the realms of holistic health, spirituality, and self-discovery. Through her writing, she aims to inspire individuals to tap into their own innate healing abilities and embrace a balanced and harmonious approach to well-being.

Dr. Santego's work has touched the lives of many, guiding them toward a more profound understanding of themselves and their connection to the world around them. Her series serves as a beacon of wisdom, offering practical tools and techniques for personal growth and transformation.

Overall, Dr. Constance Santego's blend of knowledge, experience, and passion makes her a captivating figure in the field of holistic health and spiritual healing. Her contributions through teaching, writing, and her spellbinding series continue to inspire and empower individuals on their journeys toward well-being and self-discovery.


Dr. Constance Santego

A Brief Introduction to My Background...

I've walked the path of a serial entrepreneur, taking charge of my first company at the age of twenty-seven. However, a setback in the form of a back injury forced me to sell the company, leading me down the road of holistic healing. Embracing the holistic approach, I delved into learning and acquiring numerous certificates and diplomas in spiritual and natural healing from distinguished institutions worldwide. This knowledge paved the way for me to engage with clients seeking healing.

Life had other plans in store, and in 1999, I embarked on an unforeseen journey by establishing a holistic healing college. This institution gained accreditation and became a platform for me to impart the skills of shifting and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit to others.

Fast forward twenty-one years, and yet another remarkable chapter unfolded. Amidst the challenges of the Covid era, I directed my focus toward writing and publishing books. As a Canadian author, I've authored a substantial collection of books, including renowned series like "Secrets of a Healer" and "Nine Spiritual Gifts Granted By Spirit."

During this period, another facet of my journey emerged—I assumed the roles of founder and CEO at BookWizard Hub Inc. This venture is dedicated to aiding authors throughout their publishing journey, from initial queries to the final stages of publication.

My Writing Career Story'

I believe that the art of healing opens a gateway to quantum energy, where magic seems to be taking place.

The definition of 'truth' is if two or more people believe the same thing.
The definition of 'fact' is if it is provable anywhere in the world.

Over the years, my favorite class to teach was on the subject of spiritual enlightenment.

My quest was to prove that it couldn't be magic or makebelieve if I could teach others to do what I could. It would be science-based, and if they could learn to do it, it was also factual!

I am honored to say that I have been teaching thousands of students worldwide how to unlock the mysteries of the 'Nine Spiritual Gifts' from the Bible. My students have all learned how to do what I can.

I invite you to 'Awaken' to the spirit world, for there lie your gifts granted by Spirit.' My manuals are for people who are fascinated with learning healing modalities, and my novels are for those who are fascinated with metaphysics and the afterlife.

Shift Happens…Create Magic!

"Dr. Santego is also an international speaker.
She has delivered keynotes on The Inner Genie, and
The Nine Spiritual Gifts granted by Spirit throughout Canada, United States, and Mexico."

Dr. Constance's Education

Many of you know me when my name was Connie Brummet
or way back when I was in high school, Connie Fletcher

  • 1984    KLO Senior Secondary- Graduation


  • Quantum University - Masters, Doctorate & Ph.D. of Natural Medicine
  • Quantum University - Bachelor In Holistic Health Sciences
  • MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy 2200 hr RMT
  • Aromatherapist (Teachers)
  • Holistic & Natural Health Practitioner (Teachers)
  • Introduction to Anatomy/Physiology & Pathology
  • Iridologist (Teachers)
  • Muscle Testing (Teachers)
  • Kinesiology/Touch for Health
  • Reflexologist (Teachers)
  • Table Shiatsu (Teachers)
  • Free Fall 1
  • Massage (Teachers): European Lymph Drainage, Swedish, Hot Stone, Chair, Deep Tissue, Athletic, Breast & Pregnancy
  • Nail Technician (Teachers)
  • CosMedic–Beauty Tek
  • Day Spa (Teachers)
  • Esthetician (Teachers)


  • BC Provincial Instructor Diploma Program through Vancouver Community College
  • Bob Proctor's Thinking into Results
  • T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive
  • Keys to Prosperity
  • Dr. Rose Bachmann's Emotional Polarity Techniques
  • Body Talk modules 1 & 2,
  • Hypnotherapist/Counseling (Teachers)
  • Business
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Public Speaking at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Start Training - 6-month Business Course
  • Mount Royal College- Marketing, Management, Accounting


  • Inner Directions
  • Cheryl Forrest (Grismar) Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Certified Spiritual Healer
  • Ordained Minister
  • Energy work (Teachers)
  • Grand Reiki Master (Teachers)
  • Intuitive Practitioner (Teachers)


  • University of BC, writing course
  • Path to Getting Published, Kathy Ver Eecke
  • Muse of Writing with Donna Sturmanis


The only thing good about getting older is the knowledge you can gain...
Keep your neurons young, and learn something new. 

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