I Love My Job!

The day I felt like I was losing my mind…

I remember it like it was yesterday.
How did the healing technique of rubbing someone’s feet get to the point where the pain in my head was so unbearable that all I could do was pray to God? Why did my head hurt, you may ask?
Because there were voices in my head that wanted to talk to the lady I was doing Reflexology on?

Thinking back, the scary part wasn't that my imagination was hearing voices talking to me, two boys wanting to speak to their mother—No, that was not the scary part. It was telling my friends, family, and the world that I could do it.

How was this possible? Was I going crazy? Did I have a brain tumor? Was I being possessed by a demon? These were the questions that I was asking myself.

My family could not help me, most of my friends dropped me, and even a minister said it was too much for him and left me.

So, I researched the Bible—many versions—and asked many questions.
I took many courses, and I practiced. Yes, I practiced every chance I got.
Because if it was all BS that spirits, ghosts, and prophesizing weren't possible, then all I could be was wrong—or crazy.

To my amazement, it was neither. I accurately described the spirits that came to speak with their loved ones.

With practice, I could sense the presence of ghosts and read someone's future accurately.

To further my belief and with God's guidance, I started teaching the techniques to others—trying to prove to myself that if they could do what I was doing, it probably wasn't BS—and I wasn't going crazy.

Since 1999, I have not had one person—not even one—who could not learn to do what I was doing. Sure, they might have done it a little differently—meaning that I could see things, and maybe they tuned in by feeling, knowing, or hearing it. BUT! They all could do what I could, sense and interpret the cosmic energy. And with practice, they could do it very well.

Since 1997, my research on the supernatural has found that when I am doing healing work, the veil of the mysterious spirit world opens, and I get information for the person seeking answers. I must tell you, though, that there was a time between 2011 and 2015 when it all disappeared (I wasn't working in the healing field). I could not sense any energy, nothing my family and friends would consider "weird or woo-woo." If I had not written the book "The Intuitive Life A Guide to Self Knowledge & Healing through Psychic Development," I wouldn't have even believed any of these crazy happenings were real.

It wasn't until 2017 that the energy came back.
I had opened another healing business, and all the gifts mentioned in the Bible were back.

Please read it for yourself. The gifts are mentioned in Corinthians 1, Chapter 12, Verse 4. The gift of Knowledge, Wisdom, Faith, Miracles, Healing, Prophecy, Distinguishing Spirits, and Tongues.

All that I know how to do is written in the Bible.
It is there plain as day and has been available for all to read for over 2000 years. You probably have read it but did not take it literally. Well, I am here to tell you that what many people call 'extra sensory perception' is REAL, and anyone can learn to tune in and master the technique of reading energy… BUT I am going to warn you—it might scare the crap out of you… the fact that you are going to be accurate!