Channeled Messages

Messages from my sister’s and brother’s

Dear Younglings,

You have just begun your journey; this life is but as blimp in time and space, as you know it. You will become more in tune with the guidance of our loved ones before us and their loved ones before them and so on. You cannot all hear us so we use the human ability of communication to confront and guide you. Please allow Constance this journey she has chosen to share in this life time. We can only seem to get through so many people and this child of God is one of them.

You will all prosper in body, mind & soul as your new borne are coming with more knowledge and light then before. Each generation shows an abundance of new knowledge that catapults this life journey into the new. The new is quantum physics at is best…you will all see auras, learn to levitate even if it is a fraction of an inch off the ground. You could fly if you believed you could…but it takes a mass amount of numbers to believe to change a paradigm.

Paradigm what you believe to be true…the old saying why did you do that? The truth is because that is all you knew how and what to do. You are all so innocent and loved! We laugh sometimes, yes, we can laugh not all of us have no conscious mind up here. But to get to this point you have to be able to believe, believe it is possible.

What is next, what is in store for you? Well, it is time to take a breath …I mean literally, take a very deep breath. Breath is the first step into empowering yourself and having a life shift… aq2unatrum leap of faith. You will all know how to manifest anything if that was your belief, you all know how to feed yourselves, even a very young child can feed themselves, it may not be with a fork and spoon a=but they can get something into their mouth at a very early age. It may not always be food but the instinct is there.

You all have the instinct to grow and become something in adulthood, what you choose is usually preprogrammed into your mind but what you see, hear, fell and know…some of you by smell and taste. Your environment of your upbringing has an effect on what you believe and how your siblings or piers are reprimanded has an even greater effect of what you will be and how you choose to live your life.

How you spell your name, not the word but the slant, size, pressure and even how you make each individual letter changes the chemistry in your brain to create a certain type of life for you…do you write in the past, present or future with your slant, do you put major press on each letter or only a few, and which ones? The government has taught you how to spell and how to write since you were in preschool. Do you think it is by accident that they taught you that way? What if…it is to make you become a certain type of citizen? What if, how you make your alphabet is actually on purpose.

Ever wonder why you do what you do? Just the way you do it? Maybe it was something you heard when you were young, maybe it was to protect yourself or someone else? Maybe it was just fun? No matter what reason you are who you are because of your life style and guess what you can change even an old dog can learn to eat differently if he/she had to…

Shifting and transformation is not easy and it is not normal, we are programmed each day to write a certain way…but now with computers hand writing is becoming less and typing is becoming more. To change your life go back to hand writing, change even one letter and see what happens in your life.

That is your challenge for today, change one letter in how you write. Make a conscious effort to change. It may seem like a simple request but trust me you will not be able to do it without actually thinking about it…

Your challenge is on.

Comment on how easy or hard this is and what changes happen when you actually do shift even one letter.

Messaged channelled \