Level 1 - Inner Genie Apprentice (self-help)

This is all about YOU!!!


Inner Genie Mastery Level 1 is for those of you who are ready to learn a combination of self empowering 'Intuitive Self Coaching' techniques that teach you how to trust yourself and bring your dreams, wishes, wants and desires into reality... by teaching you how to train your subconscious mind to move your own body to answer a lazer focused question that you created on topics such as; how to fix yourself, how to make more money, how to find your perfect partner (really any question you want to ask and receive an answer to), and know without a doubt that you are about to take the next best action step for you.

What does the word 'INTUITIVE' mean; Intuitive is your higher self, your subconscious mind, your INNER GENIE,your ability to trust the feelings, thoughts, dreams or words that your gut is trying to tell you.

What does the word 'SELF' mean; You have the power, the ability, the confidence to shift. Any other person, place or thing just amplifies your intent to heal, accomplish your goals or excel in your dreams, wishes, wants and desires.

What does the word 'COACHING' mean; Asking yourself the perfect QUESTION and taking the correct ACTION.

The 1st Step In Self Coaching is: Receiving Answers
The 2nd Step In Self Coaching is: Creating A Perfect Question
(The subconscious mind does not know 'slang words' or 'kind of' words.
The subconscious is VERY LITERAL!)
The 3rd Step In Self Coaching is: Knowing that you asked the perfect question, received a perfect answer and know without a doubt that you are taking the next perfect action step.



When you have finished Level 1, you will have learnt:

  • 4 different ways to muscle test a yes/no answer from your subconscious mind (your inner genie).
  • 2 ways to access more than a yes/no answer and gain insight to your situation.
  • The basic but very substantial information about your conscious and subconscious mind & how to access your inner genie
  • The science behind a question and how the brain seeks the answer
  • How to format honest and factual answers that are specific to your needs and ask yourself a very literal laser focused specific question that will set the intent for your outcome to your situation; being that an issue, dream, wish, want, desire or your next step.
  • How to trust the actions you are taking are the correct next steps for you.
  • Bonus: 6 ways to move through what is holding you back from success or any other block, being an old belief, a habit, or a pattern.

When you are completed Level 1 of the Inner Genie Mastery certificate program you will have the ability to do 'Intuitive Self Coaching' techniques for yourself and know without a doubt you are taking the next step in your life with confidence and assurance that it is the best choice for you. You will have learnt the techniques to not only save time and money in all your future endeavors but to empower yourself for the rest of your life.

This course counts as CE credits for many associations.


Certificate Upon Graduation:
Inner Genie Apprentice

Santego Institute Of The Holistic Arts


Inner Genie Apprentice Certificate Course


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Inner Genie Apprentice Certificate Course


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