Inner Genie Mastery

Level 2 - Practitioner
(healing others)

Advanced Life Coach Certificate Program

Inner genie L2 Advanced Life Coach

This is all about THEM!!!

A Holistic Approach To Counseling

Empowering the Mind, Body or Soul of others... the Sky is the limit.

If you love helping others and would love a Life Coach title behind your name and open your own business, or if you already have a title and are seeking additional tangible, useful and proven techniques that will benefit your client's body, mind and soul with actual results. In Level 2 Inner Genie Mastery Certificate Course you become the practitioner of the Genie. You have the power to empower your client's wishes; be that by facilitating the client's success of moving through, over and past their blocks. Gaining confidence on the client's next step towards their goals and teaching them self empowering techniques by accessing their inner genie.

Who will benefit the most from Level 2; Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Holistic Practitioners, Muscle Testing Practitioners, Psychics, Alternative Medicine Doctors and Counselors

It is easy to facilitate your client's needs when you have access to their Inner Genie (their subconscious mind)...

  • Their Inner Genie knows all of their good and bad habits, patterns and memories. It also knows how to cure them!
  • Their Inner Genie knows their deepest secrets and what is holding them back from their success.
  • Their Inner Genie knows who their perfect partner is and how to attract he/ she to them.
  • Their Inner Genie knows what will make them Healthy, Wealth and Happy!



When you have finished Level 2, you will have learnt:

  • 4 different techniques to remove the client's blocks
  • How to coach your client to access their own Inner Genie (how to receive their subconscious answer to their question).
  • Enhance what you already do in your practice:
    • Be able to create your own questions related to the client's specific needs (not just reading from a scrip)
    • Tap into your client's Inner Genie
  • How to read your client's body language, tone of voice and words they use
  • Be able to perform hypnosis on them to gain vital information for the client's healing of a block or what their perfect next step is.
  • How to trigger the client's emotional side so they can shift their energy and move through whatever shift they need to.
  • How to tell if your client responds better to words, pictures, touch or just needs time
  • The Laws of Manifestation
  • Advanced Life Coaching Techniques and Skills
  • Have 24/ 7 /365 access to the Magic Of Business... information to open your own practice, up to date advertising ideas and so much more practical business answers.

When you are completed Level 2 of the Inner Genie Mastery certificate program you will have the ability to do 'Life Coaching' by using the Inner Genie techniques and open a business or add to your existing practice.

This course counts as CE credits for many associations.

Pr-requisite LEVEL 1

Inner Genie Mastery Level 2 - Advanced Life Coach Certificate

Empowering Others!