Level 3 - Inner Genie Master (Body, Mind & Soul)

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Pr-requisite LEVEL 1 & 2

The most amazing power comes from deep, deep within yourself. Level 3 is when you are ready to go beyond and so much deeper into the abilities of your subconscious mind. Deeper than you have ever gone before. Imagine being able to decipher subtle energy frequency information as if you were a CSI agent, you are able to notice subtle differences that most people miss. Important information that you were never taught how to notice it in the first place.  In Level 3 Inner Genie Mastery Certificate Course you will be able to use the Inner Genie's Genie technique. A combination of many subtle energy methods which will enable you to use what seems to be a magical key to unlocking your most important discoveries about yourself and others.



When you have finished Level 3, you will have learnt:

  • How to access your Inner Genie's Genie.
  • How to decode and decipher subtle energy.
  • How to use symbolism to decipher yours or another persons path and best next step.
  • Your Soul Connection:
    • Be able to connect to your Inner Genie at a whole new level.
    • Learn how to activate your intuitive side.
  • How to access your life's purpose and this life's lesson.
  • Learn how to read yourself and a client by using the subconscious mind to sense subtle information, information that is there but most people don't even notice.
  • How to change energy like the Eastern cultures do.
  • As an extra bonus for those that want to understand how to read a birth chart, your cosmos blueprint to your life.


All you have to do is be taught how to listen, see, feel and know how to use subtle energy frequency information that radiates out of you and everyone around you.

Inner Genie Master Certificate

Getting in touch with your Inner Genie's Genie