Secrets From A Healer Series
Courses For Empowering The Body

Learn The Art Of Holistic Healing Like A Professional Without Any Exams!

 For A Person's Personal Growth & Well Being

Magic Of Aromatherapy
Art Of Essential Oil
Custom Blending

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Magic Of Hypnotherapy
Art Of Meditation
& Creating New Paradigms

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Magic Of Iridology
Your Health & Emotions
That Your Eyes Reveal

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Magic Of Massage
Relaxation, Rejuvenation
& Pain Relief

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Magic Of Muscle Testing
Focused Answers, Meridian
& Muscle Balancing

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Magic Of Reiki
Sanskrit Secrets Of
Hands On Healing...
Let The Miracles Appear!

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Magic Of Reflexology
Secrets Your Feet
& Hands Tell You
About Your Health

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Magic Of The Gifts
The Nine Gifts Granted
From The Bible,
Develop All Of them

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What is a ‘W’holistic Practitioner?

A Wholistic Practitioner addresses the ‘whole’ body…mind and soul, to empower, balance and enhance your wellbeing. A Wholistic Practitioner is a holistic health and healing professional who offers many techniques for wholistic (body, mind, and soul) homeostasis/balancing sessions for a client.

Simply, a healer for the whole body… Wholistic… Body, Mind & Soul.


Wholistic Body Balancing Coaching Sessions, consisting of:

Assessment Tools:

Body Language


Muscle Testing

Reflexology Foot and Hand


Body Balancing Techniques:

European Lymph Drainage massage

Reflexology Foot and Hand

Table Shiatsu

Swedish Massage

Chair Massage

Hot Stone Massage


Mind Balancing Techniques:

Emotion Clearing Technique



Soul Balancing Techniques:

Intuitive Training


Techniques for Balancing Body, Mind & Soul all at Once:


Energy Balancing


Why go to a Wholistic Practitioner?

When you just know there is something not quite right, but a doctor can’t figure it out… nothing shows up in tests… yet…you can sense something is amiss.

Your body is an amazing machine that is so sensitive it can relay subtle messages to you, such as; when you are not feeling just right, looking a little puffy, sometimes and at random you can’t read or remember things… you just sense you are off track a bit. These are subtle messages your body is sending you, messages that don’t always show up on medical tests. Messages that you should not ignore.

A Wholistic Practitioner has many tools in their belt of knowledge to assess what God gave you (using Iridology), what you have been doing (using Reflexology), and the brilliant technique of Muscle Testing (teaching you how to tap into your subconscious mind) … okay, and reading your body language.

Once the Wholistic Practitioner knows the story which your feet and eyes told them, and by using the power of your subconscious mind to gain important facts that only your body can tell us how to heal you, are you ready to balance your body. Be that being referred to a specific health professional or by receiving our Wholistic Body Balancing Sessions… This is where your body thrives and homeostasis returns… enjoying the beneficial results of balancing the body through touch… sessions of reflexology, massage, and shiatsu... amazing results of balancing the mind using hypnotherapy, meditation and a signature technique called Emotional Clearing… and for those that need an Angelic balancing for your soul, a Wholistic Practitioner has magical techniques for that as well.

A Wholistic Practitioner addresses the ‘whole’ body…mind and soul, to empower, balance and enhance your wellbeing.