Verbally -
1) Forgive yourself, 2) Forgive others 3) And allow others to forgive you.


          Description of Release:

The mind is like a computer and can remember everything from conception, inside the mothers’ womb to now, and if we believe in past lives that also.  Emotions are what we are living by, not by our thoughts. I am sure you have had dreams where you dreamed it but not felt it, like watching a movie.  Then you have had dreams that were so real you have woken up screaming because it seemed so real. 

It is the emotions that we remember the most, not what happened.  Let’s pretend we have had a terrible experience as a child of lets say four years old, Maybe we almost drowned while swimming in a lake.  Now as an adult we still remember the emotion (fear) that it brought us.  Today, if we go near a lake similar to the one that we almost drowned in, we will react as a four-year old remembering the fear of almost drowning and will not go near the water.  However a tub of water, a small creek, a hot tub is okay.  It is not the water or even the lake; it is the fear of almost drowning.  When we release the four year olds emotions of fear of drowning, we heal and move forward in life.  I have witnessed so many miracles of people being able to do now what they were afraid of, I know that this technique works.  We will not forget what happened, but will just remember with no reaction of that same emotion to the four year old.    

Examples: say the words out loud and after each I forgive, take a deep breath & blow out (both you and the client).


We have to clear all three I forgives:

o   Forgive yourself 

o   Forgive others 

o   Allow others to forgive you

Do each “I forgive “individually!

1) I forgive myself for _____ ?_____.

Then anything else that comes to mind.

You can have them think of and say their own.

Eg: I want you to say three things that you forgive yourself for:

I forgive myself for 1st _____ ?_____.            

I forgive myself for 2nd _____ ?_____.          

I forgive myself for 3rd   _____ ?_____.

2) I forgive __ ?___ for ___ ?___.   

Eg. I forgive __ ?___ for hurting me with ____ ?____ (in any way) with this issue.

Eg. I want you to say three things that you forgive  _____ ?_____ for.

3) I allow __ ?___ to forgive me for ____ ?___.

Eg. I allow __ ?___ to forgive me if I have ever hurt them in any way with this issue .

Eg. I want you to say ? eg. Five ? things that you want  _____ ?_____ to forgive you for.

You can say one or more different “I forgives” for each of the three statements.  Listen to your words.  Sometimes they tell you a bit of the story first. Make sure you do these clues in an I forgive statement.

If you can’t say it the first time, try saying it in a little different way, eg. 

The original one was –  I forgive __ ?___  for hitting me.

Try, I give myself permission to forgive __ ?___  for hitting me.  

Or, I give myself permission to release this emotion, I forgive __ ?___  for hitting me.

When you forget some words, change what you just said or can’t remember what you just said, though you have been remembering every other time, this is when you know that it is a deep emotion within. Be patient and allow the healing to take place.  Remember to breath every time, so you do not keep the energy.  

Some times people release by crying, burping, farting, stomach noises etc. this is just the body releasing the emotions, and is very normal.

  • It is also very important that you know that you do not have to say anything that does not sound true to you. 
  • If you need to, make up  your own sentence on the subject.  Also, you do not have to say the  __________ out loud, you can say the I forgive part out loud and the _________ in your head. Just remember to breath after so that you know you are done.    

After you have done all the sentences that you can think of on all three of these subjects on forgiveness (themselves, others, and allow others to forgive you), if you know how to muscled test to see if you are completed on this issue.  If completed, know that the energy of this issue is gone that fast, though you can always get it back if you want to, but I don’t know too many people that want the bad energy back. 

Some times people are not releasing the energy, so I may have them wiggle their toes or fingers when they breath out.  Sometimes I have them stand up or walk around while saying the I forgives. I always ask Spirit /God to help me with the releasing of these emotions.  



An example of more you can say.

If you can pick up on the tone of your voice, body language, ect.


Forgive yourself– you may need to say more about why you may need to forgive yourself. Having bad thoughts about the person, wanting to have the person leave, having her fired, not being able to find a way to like this person, etc. You can say I forgive _?_ for ___. Whatever you want to forgive her for. You can also say what all the I forgive in your head and just breath when finished.


Forgive others– you could have said about one, to ten or more things that you would forgive ____ for. Say as much as possible until you can not think of anymore to say.


Others forgive you– Pretend you are the person who is the issue, what would you want to be forgiven for.


You should feel a difference when you are done the session. You should feel better about the issue.