Iridology - Study Of The Eyes

Iridology is the study of the iris (colour part of the eye). Iridology is used by many practitioners to understand the client’s constitution. Used as a tool (map) to recognize clues of what might be going on in a person’s physical and emotional body.

This Iridology information is taught on the basis that a person’s eye changes up to approximately the age of twenty two and then there after shows a blue print of the person’s physical and emotional make up or structure of all their body systems. A great self help technique to show you what physical and if you want to learn more emotional constitution you were born with.

Topics covered in the manual:

  • All body systems iridology chart – the student will gain an in-depth view of the human body structure and system.
  • Color type – The student will learn about the different color types of the eyes and what these colors relate to.
  • Color discoloration – The student will learn to recognize color discoloration in the eyes of the client, and associate these discolorations with the conditions they imply.
  • Fiber structures, – The student will learn about the fiber structures of the eyes and their relationship to Iridology.
  • Autonomic nerve wreath conditions – In this chapter, the student will learn about the autonomic nerve wreath, and the conditions related to it in Iridology
  • Other markings, radii solaris etc. – The student will learn about the radii solaris of the eye, as well as other markings that will inform about the condition of the client.
  • Lacunas and psori – this part of the course will inform the student about lacunas and psori of the eye structure.


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I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to own an accredited college for over fourteen years. Enjoy the secrets I taught my iridology students!

Constance Santego

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