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Secrets of a Healer - Magic of Massage

Today one of the most commonly used massages in the world is Swedish Massage. It is typically known as a muscle massage, originally used on gymnasts; great for relief and relaxation for stressed and tired muscles. Learn how to do a relaxation massage on your partner and family, even great to learn for self-massage.

The techniques of Effleurage-light and deep stroking, Petrisage- kneading, Tapotement-hacking or slapping, Friction-working with the fingertips will be taught in this workshop. You will learn how to do massage; dry with a person clothed and with oil (on the back, arms, legs, and head).

Add your aromatherapy knowledge and it becomes a combined healing modality.




Note to Reader

Learning Outcome


What is Massage?

History of Massage

Spa Massage vs  Massage Therapy

Types of Massage...

Benefits of Massage


Contra-indication Subgroups

Fixed Contra-Indications

Flexible Contra-indications

Other Important Considerations

Refusal to Massage

Client/Practitioner Boundaries

What Comes Next?

Basic Anatomy & Physiology -  Specific for Relaxation Massage

Muscle Chart

Origin to Insertion


Fiber Direction


Anatomical Position

Movements of the Body

Body Mechanics/Ergonomics

Client Care

Draping / Toweling

Your Mood

Massage Oil

Grapeseed Oil - Vitis vinifera

Olive Oil - Olea europaea

Coconut Oil - Cocos nucifera

Jojoba Oil - Simmondsia chinensis

Castor Oil - Ricinus communis

Castor Oil Pack Procedure:

Massage Table or Chair


Setting up for the Massage

General Rules to Massage


Resting Position

Effleurage  (Broad stroke)

Stroking  (Broad & Intermediate stroke)

Pétrissage  (Intermediate & Specific stroke)

Compression  (Intermediate stroke)

Friction  (Intermediate stroke)

Vibration  (Intermediate & Specific stroke)

Tapotement / Percussion  (Specific stroke)

Athletic Massage




Racket Sport-Tennis




Abdomen/Stomach Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Breast Massage

Lymphatic Breast Massage Procedure

Chair Massage

2 Minute Massage

5 Minute Massage

10 Minute Massage

15 Minute Massage

Facial Massage

Spa Facial

Hand Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Equipment Needed

Hot Stone Session:

Lymph Drainage Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Basic Pregnancy Massage Procedure:

Scalp Massage

Swedish Massage Relaxation Routine

Table Shiatsu

Shiatsu Procedure

Tips & Tricks - to having a pain free body


Message From The Author

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I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to own an accredited college for over fourteen years. Enjoy the secrets I taught my massage students!

Constance Santego

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