When a person becomes a lightworker – doing good for humanity, your light attracts clients who need to feel better. Students used to call my accredited natural health college, 'Magical.' Why? Because even though I was teaching a student, many modern techniques and modalities needed to become a Reiki Master, Natural Health, Holistic, or Spiritual Practitioner, the 'weird stuff' would happen.

Who knew that when you touch another person for longer than a few minutes that their life story is revealed, and not just because they told you about it? Many times, it came as a telepathic message or vision, or you could feel their pain in your body, or after they left, a strange feeling lingered in the room.

But what happens when your life-force energy is being drained, and it is not an innocent (harmless) client's energy that you are trying to rid?

Every day we are bombarded with negative energy, from computers, cell phones, TV's, microwaves ovens, automobiles, crime, food, drink, drugs, other people's negative moods, or pain that drains our life-force. So, why wouldn’t you believe that invisible forces of evil spirits and demons could attach to you and devour your life-force energy, your light? Dark entities prowl on someone weak, sinful, vulnerable, and in need of help.

The old saying "like a moth to a flame" describes someone with an unswerving yet self-destructive attraction. Dark entities swarm to the light as a moth is drawn to a flame. This negative energy that swirls around a person who is in pain is what attracts dark entities, such as demons. To them, your life-force energy is the flame.

Essential oils, herbs, crystals, and prayer are a few examples of how to help you with healing subtle energy (physical, emotional, and mental). But when you need to heal spiritually, when you need help to protect you from a demon, you will need the power of Archangel Michael.

Through the help of Archangel Michael, I have created this guide that teaches you how to HELP yourself with a subtle energy crisis, or if you need help with a lost soul or beloved soul going home, or how to REMOVE dark energy attachments, energy vampires, and demonic spirits from a body.

In this guide, you will find the answers you were seeking.