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Art Of Manifestation

Think, Big, Dream BIGGER!!! Goals Setting Master Class

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Start Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality

The first step to dreaming big is to make a list.

Really, go get a pen and paper (computer is not the same) go get a pen and paper and write out a hundred, yes one hundred (100) individual items that you dream of accomplishing before death.

If you cannot write out one hundred wishes, wants or desires then I am sorry I can't help you. I can only help people who are ready to take action and create magic in their lives.

Are you an Entrepreneur, a Professional or an Enlightened Soul, a person who has much gratitude towards your life and has been successful in your past, but is on a new path; be it retired, a career change, a new path choice and you feel a deep desire to excel again, stepping it up a notch or ten and going for your biggest fantasy dream(s).

Perfect! My specialty is with facilitating both professional and personal self-empowerment. For people who know deep down they have an important purpose in life and have a burning desire to bring it forth and with guidance know they can achieve it.

We need to find your burning desire!

Writing out your 100 goals to achieve before you die is just the tip of the iceberg. My talent is in revealing 'The Gifts' you were naturally born with.

Once you unlock the power of your will nothing can stop you. There are so many cool and exciting techniques to discover. Unleashing your power of manifestation and creativity will become your new 'passion'.

The brilliance of your subconscious mind is unlimited. Your brain is programmed in a very specific and personal way from all your experiences in your life to react to every day tasks... and once you comprehend not just learn the new knowledge your mind will adjust to the information and categorize how and when to use this brilliant and amazing advanced wisdom.

Learn how to set/program your subconscious mind to attract your goals by using the Dream Big Techniques

When do you wish, want or desire to live your
Fairy Tale Life?

Course Outline:

  • Dreams, Wishes, and Desires
  • Goal Setting
  • Affirmations
  • Secrets of Manifestation
  • To Attract Your Perfect Mate
  • Body versus Mind
  • How Your Brain Works
  • The Mind: Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious

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I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to own an accredited college for over fourteen years. Enjoy the manifestation secrets I taught my students!

Constance Santego

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