You might be thinking, How can an Author know how to create a course?

When you have owned an accredited college you KNOW how to create a course from start to finish!

In 1997, I started a holistic healing college. At first, I had to buy other people's courses to teach. To own an accredited college the first rule is you have to own the courses, so no one can take them away while you have students. To make sure that never happens the only way to guarantee it is to create your own...

As part of every teacher's Post Secondary Education Diploma requirements, it is mandatory that you learn how to create a course. I have started from scratch and created many individual in-class and on-line courses, workshops, and accredited diploma programs.

I feel blessed that I can share my knowledge with you so that you can create your personal interest or diploma course, program, and or workshop.

Course Topics:

  • First You Need An Idea
  • Course outline
  • Course content
  • Government rules (to make it legal and offer a certificate or diploma)
  • Business laws - Copywrite
  • Advertising


  • Course Price: $225.00

When you are ready to enroll, email me at [email protected]

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