You Are The Genie

I have been told it is different to have me in real life than just on a video. I think it is because depending on who all is there in the audience I seem to pick up on your vibes, and what comes out of my mouth mystically seems to be what you need to hear. Each group is slightly different and even though the information is always the same...
the words are magically transformed for that particular group.

Shift happens... Create magic!

When you are seeking more...
More peace within, getting control of your life back, attaining your personal power, feeling good about yourself, being able to dream again...

Many who attend seem to be lost in other peoples negative energy and are tied up in helping others before looking after themselves. The happiness of others seems to always come first... being a great wife/husband, mother/father, employee, etc... BUT the true power of helping others is to make sure your energy is full and vibrant so that you have enough to share with others without making yourself sick or unhappy. It is time to take your power back and make your aspirations matter. To make your soul sing... to bring your dreams, wishes, wants and desires into reality!

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That's me! My Genie Emoji
(thanks to Jennifer Louie for creating her for me)


Working with the belief of Quantum Physics and Quantum Medicine… we are what we believe we are. With the power of our subconscious mind, we can change what we believe to be truth and facts in our life at any time we choose to. Everyone has a secret, an incident, an issue in their past that they would love if it never happened. It might have been an accident, a disease, health condition, addiction, abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, being fired, failure, etc…

With using the belief of Quantum Medicine… we are not our past, we are not our name, we are not our title, we are not our body,… we are way more than that!
You are whatever your Inner Genie (subconscious mind) believes you are!
You are whatever your Inner Genie believes you are!!
You are whatever your Inner Genie believes you are!!!


You are invited to an amazingly incredible 10-week journey of self-discovery and enlightenment program for men and women who are ready to transform past beliefs, issues, trauma, dis-ease and learn the techniques of accessing, unlocking, and reprogramming the INNER GENIE… Empowering yourself starting from the inside out.

You are whatever you convince your subconscious mind that you are…

Shift happens… Create magic!

And for those of you who are also a Coach, Health or Beauty Practitioner or Self-Employed? You have heard these sayings, catchphrases, and expressions, right? Be your own boss, choose your own hours, work from anywhere there is internet… My question is; “Are you as successful as you thought you would be by now?”

Learn the techniques on a Quantum Energy Level to take your life to the next level… More successful, happier, more content, wealthier, more abundance, healthier… etc!

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“Think Big, Dream BIGGER! 2 Day Live Event is based on The Inner Genie Mastery 6-week transformational online training program… designed to help you unlock, gain access, control, and empower your inner genie, your inner source of brilliance (your subconscious mind), and the MASTER of your dreams, wishes, wants, and desires. Discover how to use your inner guidance to create magic in your life

This Think Big, Dream BIGGER Inner Genie Mastery is full of techniques that you can use on yourself, your friends & family, your customers, and your clients…

Learn the methods of Unlocking and Awakening your Inner Genie with the power of Meditation and Hypnosis… focusing on a very specific laser-focused intent… and enter the gateway into the magnificent imagination and reality of your brilliant mind and discover a journey of your full potential beyond your normal everyday routine.

Learn the techniques of Understanding your Inner Genie through the power of Your Persona… your unique personality traits, the foundation of your subconscious mind, the program of your existence and discover how to use that knowledge to your advantage of your situations.

Learn the techniques of Getting Answers from your Inner Genie with the power of these three incredibly accurate techniques; Story Mode, Muscle Testing, and Automatic Writing… Learn these three techniques to assist you for the rest of your life to get the answers and guidance to your questions to live the life you deserve.


Learn the life-altering techniques of Transforming and Re-programming your Inner Genie with the power of Break Through and the Art of Manifestation… You are ready to create your goals, dreams, wishes, wants, desires, and bring them into reality! You are the Genie, magnificent in all that you are.

This Think Big, Dream BIGGER Live Event is not only full of techniques that you can use on yourself, friends, family, customers, and clients to empower your subconscious mind, your INNER GENIE but to learn how to achieve the desired outcome as if you have won the lottery, have the perfect body, have the best relationships, have the greatest job! Knowing that you are in control of your destiny, waking each day knowing you have the power to change, enhance, and create the life of your dreams… all you need now is to learn the techniques of the INNER GENIE.

Your full potential for a magically triumphant end result from a live event has so much more possibility… Not only because you can immerse yourself in the ‘I am’ energy for the three full days… getting away from the demands of your everyday life; the household, career, errands, chores, and everything in between. But also, because you get to pay attention to only you… IT IS ABOUT YOU!

Your increased awareness and knowledge! Your new tools to add to your tool belt of modalities! Your personal growth! Your personal power! The TIME is to empower you and more importantly your INNER GENIE to become even better than before.

You are the Genie, magnificent in all that you are.

Learn the 5 Steps to Discovering your


  • Learn how to trust your gut, your INTUITION (your inner genie).
  • Learn how to make yourself HAPPY first, then for others.


  • Learn how to LOVE yourself deeply and completely.


  • Learn how to attract abundance from your vibratory ENERGY
  • Learn how to demolish old blocks and fears that are holding you back from finding your true SOURCE OF POWER


  • Learn the MAGIC of the mystics on how to bring a dream, wish, want or desire into reality


Step #1
Unlocking & Awakening Your Inner Genie
Using the Brilliance of Meditation and Hypnotherapy going within to gain access and receiving the KEY to your Inner Power

Step #2
Understanding Your Inner Genie’s Personality
... Celestial Languages, your PERSONA the wisdom of your being, your love language, your unique and powerful creative communication channel

Step #3
Getting Answers From Your Inner Genie
... What if you could get answers to all your most important wishes, wants, dreams and desires? What if... magic was real? What if you found out how to use your INNER GENIE to attain HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS?

Step #4
Empowering Your Inner Genie
... Students always seem to have an AH-HA moment when they find out how the law of manifestation actually works. This will be your ah-ha moment! I love when the light bulbs turn on... real magic happens!

Step #5
Your Inner Genie Transformation
... Well, literally you have to move the sh_t to make room for the shift... it is the magic of the subconscious mind, making way for your bucket list to be created into reality!!!


Inner Genie Mastery L1

PRICE: $595



It was an amazing event. It helped me put what I was wanting to do from my head (and not succeeding) to out in the open on paper and by sharing which makes it real and then makes it happen and be successful. It got me to believe in myself and empowering myself to succeed in reaching my goals.
Tessa, Maple Ridge Canada

I am so looking forward to the next Think Big, Dream Bigger. What an amazing awesome weekend! So much love and light and knowledge to bring us the growth that makes us our better selves - grow to better than our best.
Sonya,  Cheyenne USA

What a Phenomenal & powerful event. This is not book learning. This is a hands on moving & powerful experience. I'm leaving knowing much more about myself & my path. Thank you!
Suzanne, Baja Mexico

I do not know what I would have done without Connie,
her information is life changing!
Jennifer, Kelowna Canada

I am not even through the fairy tales part and
my life has changed so much already.
Kimmy, Fort Mac Canada

I achieved my first goal almost instantly, on to my next goal.
Jamie, Kelowna Canada

I just keep adding to my goal list, it is amazing
how fast you manifest your goals.
Sequoia, Vancouver Canada

Some Pictures From The Las Vegas Live Event