You Are The Genie

Awaken the power of your "Subconscious Mind" and turn your wishes,
wants, dreams, and desires into reality!

Shift happens...
...Create magic!


"We are what we believe we are."
C.S. Lewis

By unleashing the power of your subconscious mind, your inner genie, you can bring forth the magic within you and write like never before!

No matter if you are seeking. . . creativity, character development, or turning your knowledge into a book, your inner genie is waiting to inspire you.

It is time to make your soul sing... to bring your dreams, wishes, wants, and desires into reality!

Think Big Dream Bigger


You are invited to learn the techniques of accessing, unlocking, and reprogramming your INNER GENIE. . . Inspiration starts from within, and you can achieve whatever you convince your subconscious mind that you can.

Shift happens, Create magic... Writing Magic!

Take your writing to the next level… by learning these Inner Genie Techniques. 


For The Author

Think Big, Dream BIGGER!

Learn the 5 steps to your "Inner Genie"


Step #1

Unlocking and Awakening your Inner Genie
Using the Brilliance of Meditation and Hypnotherapy
. . . by going within to gain access and receiving the KEY to your Inner Genie.

Step #2
Understanding Your Inner Genie’s Personality
... Your PERSONA, the wisdom of your being, your writing language, your unique and powerful creative communication channel. Learn how to switch masks to become the required persona.

Step #3
Getting Answers From Your Inner Genie
... Go deeper, and learn how to achieve your wishes, wants, dreams and desires? Learn how to use your INNER GENIE to attain HEALTH, WEALTH, and HAPPINESS.

Step #4
Empowering Your Inner Genie
... This is where most have their AH-HA moment when they discover how the law of manifestation actually works. . . and the real magic happens!

Step #5
Your Inner Genie Transformation
Get ready to shift. . . and watch your subconscious mind grant you more than three wishes!


Inner Genie Mastery For The Author

Date: Start at any time.
Each week for twelve weeks, you will receive new assignments to complete.

Price: $1595 CND or three payments of $595



It was an amazing event. It helped me put what I was wanting to do from my head (and not succeeding) to out in the open on paper and by sharing which makes it real and then makes it happen and be successful. It got me to believe in myself and empowering myself to succeed in reaching my goals.
Tessa, Maple Ridge Canada

I am so looking forward to the next Think Big, Dream Bigger. What an amazing awesome weekend! So much love and light and knowledge to bring us the growth that makes us our better selves - grow to better than our best.
Sonya,  Cheyenne USA

What a Phenomenal & powerful event. This is not book learning. This is a hands on moving & powerful experience. I'm leaving knowing much more about myself & my path. Thank you!
Suzanne, Baja Mexico

I do not know what I would have done without Connie,
her information is life changing!
Jennifer, Kelowna Canada

I am not even through the fairy tales part and
my life has changed so much already.
Kimmy, Fort Mac Canada

I achieved my first goal almost instantly, on to my next goal.
Jamie, Kelowna Canada

I just keep adding to my goal list, it is amazing
how fast you manifest your goals.
Sequoia, Vancouver Canada

Some Pictures From The Las Vegas Live Event


P.S. Don't be surprised if this course shifts more than just your writing.

Online or In Class
Email me at [email protected] to learn more.