Inner Genie Level 2 - Intuitive Life

A Guide To Self Knowledge
& Healing Through Psychic Development

Intuitive Training is developing your ESP- Extra Sensory Perception.

There are many people who have had dreams that have come true or seen, heard things that were not there. Many, many stories have been told about the super natural. You may already have had some of these experiences yourself; you are not alone and more and more people are speaking out about their experiences.

I spent many years with an extra voice in my head, someone answering my questions. I could ask anything and, with a little patience, I would be answered.

The answers came in so many different ways, and not only from a voice in my mind… Sometimes a person would come into my store and start talking and, sure enough, I would receive information about something I had been wondering about for days. I received a wide variety of information from my guides and enjoyed learning about the different levels.  This is like a hierarchy, with different job descriptions.

I was shown in detail five levels to the spiritual frequency. First is the universe, including earth, the planets and stars. The second is what most people call hell. Third is what I call held because that is where our loved ones go when we hold onto them and do not let go of their souls.  The elemental level is the fourth and where the fairies exist. The fifth is what most people will consider heaven and what I consider also to be the frequency of love and light...

This is a tiny bit of the information you will be learning about. You will be exploring energy, answers and healing techniques, and specific information you will need to know about becoming an enlightened soul, who can manifest all of their wishes, wants and desires!!!

Intuitive Life Program

Online Or On-site

Topics Covered:

  • Auras
  • Chakras
  • Astral Projection
  • Automatic Writing
  • Channeling & Mediumship
  • Distant Healing
  • Guides & Levels
  • Past Lives
  • Pendulum
  • Psychometry
  • Psychic Reading
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • 2 -1 hour Coaching Sessions

Learning Outcome:

  • You will learn many techniques to help yourself and OTHERS understand and develop your intuitive side.
  • How to do a Past, Present & Future Reading
You will have access to the online login area within two business days. You will be able to start reading the manuals and watching any videos with your personal 24/7/365 username and password.
If you are coming into the classroom, then you will be sent the calendar dates for the next upcoming classes (if you can't make the dates, then come to the ones after that, there is no time limit of when you have to come to class - or if you ever have to. That is the nice part of how we offer these workshops, online and/or
The coaching can be in person, or through (you will need a computer camera and mic)

Developing Your Spiritual Gifts - Intuitive Life

PRICE: $1895



Auras -

How to see, feel, hear, know and draw the energy

Light frequency is an array of beautiful color and each color has a vibration which the scientist, Valerie Hunt was researching for many years. Kirlian photography equipment captures a subtle field of electromagnetic energy that radiates from all living things, otherwise known as an aura. Color therapy (chromotherapy) has been studied and used in healing for many years.

Learn how to get Answers and to Heal by using the Aura  Technique

Chakras -

Learn Simple Healing Techniques

7 chakras (Crown, Brow/Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Spleen/Sacral and Root/Base) are usually talked about and used; but there are 361 Body tsubu points that are placed on the twelve meridians of the body (Ren/Central, Du/Governing, Heart, Pericardium, Lung, Liver, Stomach, Sanjio/Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder, Sm Intestine, Lrg Intestine, Kidney, Bladder) and are scientifically explained  using techniques of the Asian / East Indian Eastern Medicine such as acupuncture, acupressure, kinesiology, Yoga, Breath Work, and Modern techniques in the Western world of Holistic Medicine such as; Sound Therapy, Touch for Health and Body Talk all used to balance the body, mind and soul.

Learn how to Heal by using the Chakra/Meridian Technique


Astral Projection

Learn How To Sense Energy From A Far

Imagine opening your fridge and getting everything out to make yourself a sandwich. You need bread, ____, ____  and  ____ to make the sandwich. Now when you opened the door of your fridge which hand did you use? Which way does your fridge door swing?

Close your eyes and imagine it...Which way does your fridge door swing? Right or Left?

If you had to think about this, chances are that you astral traveled to your kitchen from wherever you are reading this to figure out which way your door swings.

Learn how to get Answers by the Astral Travel Techniques

quantum medicine (1)

Automatic Writing

Learn How To Get Messages From Above

Conversations with God is an excellent book to read by Neale Donald Walsch and that is all he does, automatic writing. When you ask a question or just straight up start writing... do you really know ever word you are going to write or do you start and then the words start to flow?

If you haven't tried it go ahead, it is amazing the answers your subconscious mind and intuitive energy will come up with.

Learn how to get Answers by using the Automatic Writing Technique


Channeling & Mediumship

Learn How To Get Messages From The After life

If you understand my book 'Your Persona... The Mask You Wear' then this will be easy for you. Is your main channel Audio, Knower, Visual or Feeler and when you take a breath and contact your belated love one how do they communicate back to you; Audio, Knower, Visual or Feeler?

Reading (sensing) energy is the same no matter why you are doing it. It is a vibration or frequency (really some sort of light energy) that requires interpreting.

Learn how to get Answers by communicating, using the Medium Energy Techniques

Intro to Bereavment

Distant Healing

Learn How To Help Yourself & Others Heal

Like Prayer, it is an intent on healing. Using meditation and imagination...But just like prayer, WOW can it heal!

Learn how to Heal by using the Distant Healing Technique


Guides & Levels

Learn The Levels Of The Spiritual Realms

If you are going to distinguish spirits you need to learn the laws of the universe and beyond.

Learn how to communicate with the perfect/correct Guides and Angels for achieving your purpose of getting Answers by understanding the different levels.

Guides and Levels

Past Lives

Learn This Awesome Technique  

Is it real or a made up story? Who cares the mind is creating an answer to your problem!

Learn how to get answers by using the Past Life Technique

Antique inkwell and quill pen with a brass candlestick and red book - white vignette background


Learn A New Way to Get Answers

A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely.  Your body is a receiver and can interpret energy, when your brain is programmed for a yes / no answer the body can transmit that information. Now the real brilliance is in the question... since the mind is like a computer and is literal, what you ask is what you get!!!

Learn how to get Answers by using the Pendulum Technique




Sense Energy Information A Few Ways

How to read (sense) a picture / image, object, and hand writing / signature; then interpret the information that the energy is giving off.

Just as easy as reading any other book, the information becomes a story in your head!

Learn how to get Answers by using the Psychometry Technique


Psychic Readings

Past , Present & Future With Just Your Mind

Really, by now you should have realized that if you can read (sense) all the other things that reading past, present and future is no different... just that your intent changed!

Learn how to get Answers by using the Psychic Reading Techniques


Scanning of a human brain by X-rays


Reading Symbols, that is all that it is (by the way the deck of cards you play bridge, crib  and poker with are based off of a tarot deck - Fact!). 

A person shuffles the cards and their vibratory energy seems to magically grants the reader the power to interpret the symbols on the cards into a story for the subject. See how crazy words can get your imagination going? Man no wonder the media can cause such as reaction!

A person shuffles the cards, the reader places the cards in a pattern chosen ahead of time. Could be for a past, present and future reading, or love reading, or any other intent the person requires that day. The presentation of the reading can be as magical or spooky or as ordinary as one wants to create the illusion.

Fact is the reader is still just reading energy (in this case symbolism; color, objects, people of the cards) a story is told based on the intent of the outcome.

The Rider Tarot Deck is still one of the best deck to use, though there are thousand of new decks one can learn to use.

Learn how to get Answers by using the Tarot Cards Technique

The Magician
The High Priestess


This is based of the star alignment when you were born. Fascinating but very detailed technique to learn. Houses, Zodiacs, Planets, etc. Combines mathematics and spiritualism !

Learn all about yourself by using the Astrology Charting Technique



“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Albert Einstein


There are academics who challenge that the word "intuition" is often misunderstood or misused to mean instinct, truth and belief.  Other philosophers believe intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence or conscious reasoning or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired.

What if?

What if intuition is just a highly acute sense of energy the body can decode or decipher?

Imagine a cell phone and you are calling a person in Japan. You dial and moments later you are talking to the person. The phone changes your voice into electricity and transmits the sound wave (cellular wave) of energy from your cell phone and broadcast to one or more towers (earth) and transferred to radio waves or microwaves to the satellites (which are traveling out in space, hovering beyond our atmosphere, somewhere between earth and the moon). Then the wave is transmitted from the satellite back to earth ... and to the receiving cell phone or telephone in Japan (then the waves travel back and forth as you speak). That is quick energy.

You cannot see, taste, hear or smell radio, micro and cellular waves, and most of us obviously cannot feel them but they exist. The cellular wave or vibration of information is transmitted then decode or decipher by the receiver.

What if?

I believe intuitive energy is the same, it is just sensing / reading a vibration, a frequency spectrum of energy coming from a person, place or thing and it can be decoded and interpreted. In the bible it is one of the gifts…called Tongues. This type of energy is quantum quick...a photon is a single quantum of light (or of any other form of electromagnetic radiation). 

Watch the Intuition Power Point Presentation, Click Here

I think many adults forget how to dream, how to trust their intuition.

When you forget how to dream you are going to need help Healing your pain! Healing your belief in yourself! Healing your soul!

My wish to the world is for you to Dream Big! Dream BIGGER!!! Your BIGGEST Dream yet. Let your imagination go wild, let your inner child out and dream. Let your soul have a turn at creating magic in your life. Learn to use your intuition!