Your Persona

Ever Person Alive Has A Personality

How would it benefit you in the future if you could understand, communicate or teach to all personality types?

#1 Would it benefit you if you really knew How you learned; so that you can get the most out of the information you are getting?

#2 Would it benefit you if you really knew How to teach and create; a challenge, course, workshop or seminar so that the person taking your program can learn easily and effectively?

#3 Would it benefit you if you really knew How you give & receive love?

#4 Would it benefit you if you really knew How to communicate with the other side?

#5 Would it benefit you if you really knew How to sell your service or product?

Your Persona...The Mask You Wear is all about you.

There are four main, what I call, 'Celestial Languages', but in my book they are referred to as personality channels. I was told that English, French, Chinese, etc. are languages. BUT I do have a reason I call them that... My names for the channels are Audio, Visual, Feeler & Knower, which are the four ways to communicate with spirit...hence, 'Celestial Languages'.

Back in 1999, I created a course and this is what I shared with my students. This information was amazingly helpful in how they learned and how I taught any of my subject matters. What I found over the years of teaching, that a person's main channel was easiest to tell by the way they learnt.

Did they learn best by:

  • Reading and listening... Audio
  • Watching and copying me...Visual
  • Just doing it, hands on... Feeler
  • Or, need time to go home and research, practice... Knower

Then all I had to do was adjust the way I taught, so I could educate them in all four ways. Then no matter what, each student received the information their way of learning.

What was interesting was how they love is the same way of how they learn.

If they were an Audio... they needed to hear it (cards, words).
If they were an Visual... they needed to see it (gifts, in person).
If they were an Feeler... they needed to feel it (hugs, action).
If they were an Knower... they needed to know it (they either knew or did not know...their second channel helped them to know better how they love and need love).

Then magically enough... how you communicate with the spirit world is the same.
You will either hear them, see them, feel them or just know they are there. The 'Celestial Languages' are considered Tongues as one of the gifts granted in the Bible.

Your Persona...The Mask You Wear

Is All About You... So what is your main personality channel and why is so important to know? There are very specific personality traits that make up each channel...Audio, Knower, Visual or Feeler.

It takes me 2 1/2 days to teach this information fully in my workshop. Not only will you learn what I have already talked about but also:

  • Who is the black sheep in your family?
  • Why did you get along with your siblings, parents, family or NOT?
  • Who would get a divorce or fight?
  • Your perfect love match
  • How to get straight A's... for yourself or your kids or grandchildren
  • How to communicate to your children in their way
  • Why you spend or save your money the way you do
  • What you enjoy doing on a vacation...what does everyone else want to do?
  • What kind of job, career or business would be best for you
  • How you look after your health
  • What you find as fun to do
  • OMG and sooo much more!

Your Persona...The Mask You  Wear

When I teach a workshop I begin with the four channels: Audio, Knower, Feeler and Visual. I describe some of the personality traits and characteristics that are in each, and I explain how each channel learns and loves. Then I demonstrate how to muscle test a person by selecting someone from the audience, and I write out theirs and their family’s channels. I’ll explain how they all get along, who fights with whom, who is probably divorced (and who probably caused it), who is the loudest /quietest, who is the black sheep, who needs what kind of love, how they learn, and so much more. I muscle test a wide variety of people from the audience to showcase the importance of understanding these four channels.

I have helped many people who were having marriage difficulties (love, finances, and habits, to name a few issues). I have helped many, many students, parents, and teachers understand their learning style (channel), and shown them how to adjust to maximize the knowledge they retain. I have helped many people on a spiritual level; we die with our memories stored in our soul, not our brain. If you believe in the afterlife, understanding the four main channels will help you communicate.

Understanding the channels will help you with your relationships, your income, and your sanity, simply by knowing yourself that much better!

Ease of communication is the key!

Are you an Audio, Knower, Visual, or Feeler?

Learn how to use your personal persona by using the tests to determine which main channel you are and then developing how you learn and love to achieve all your wishes, wants and desires in this lifetime. Understanding yourself and loved ones on a whole new level.

Audio, Knower, Visual, or Feeler channels are used in school/education, relationships, work, play and intuitive (ESP) energy.


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I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to own an accredited college for over fourteen years. Enjoy the secrets I taught my aromatherapy students!

Constance Santego

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