Knower Channel: 

Claircognisance (clear knowing) spelled also Claircognizant
Knowledge / Thought

If Your Main Channel Is Knower:

  • Overanalyze / consider all the alternatives, think about all possible scenarios
  • Research everything, even a simple purchase
  • Usually take days to decide what to do about a decision, idea or problem
  • Are very cautious
  • When they know a subject, they can give instant recall of the information, without blinking an eye
  • Can usually sense things ahead (read a situation / intuitive)
  • Seem to be calm and have inner peace, unless pushed to respond
  • Are aware of the consequences
  • Are quiet and soft spoken (unless second language is Audio- then they are a bit of a know-it-all.)
  • Become self-sufficient and hate to ask for help
  • Notice any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • Are usually loners (do not need others)
  • Childhood toys: brain stimulant; rubics cube, one person games,
  • Adult toys: scrabble, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, science, books, library, Google, bridge
  • If a Poker player; would not play in person until they know the game inside and out,
    • Play the odds / calculation of percentages
  • With age can be very self-confident
  • Usually let others go first, while they are watching, listening and getting a feeling for if they should do the same
  • Hand writing is very clear and readable
  • When they know something, they know it
  • Always over guessing themselves or think themselves out of most things
  • If he/she says “think” (they do not know it yet) If he/she says “know” (they do know the info)
  • Listen to the news or read about current events
  • Only have a cell phone for emergencies or to access the internet
  • If they have an addiction, it is only to shut out the noise of other people
  • In the shopping mall;
    • Only if they have to, they hate the crowds
    • Purchase for need and purpose
    • Will go to every store to compare items and then go home and think about it
    • Would try on everything a few times and still need time to decide
  • Their automobile will be useful
  • House: will be either dirty or extremely clean, definitely functional,
  • They would not usually have a Tattoo

Test Answers:

Written, you should have received the answer Knower from the twenty questions

Muscle Testing, 1st Channel should answer Knower

In Pictures, majority are of you looking straight at camera or not wanting to be in the picture at all.

Eye Movement, When you answer a question you look straight forward with your eyes

Body Movement, You do not move your hands when you talk

Word / Listening Skills, Words you use...

  • I know I am hungry for dinner
  • You know what I like to eat you decide
  • I knew
  • Don’t know
  • I am thinking
  • I don’t understand you


They either just know they are in love or not know (no in between)

  • You know I love you, why do you have to hear it or I don't need to tell you I love you, you know I do
  • They will sometime do whatever their second channel is...