Visual Channel: 

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
Pictorial / Symbols

If Your Main Channel Is Visual:

  • Love TV and movies
  • Likes art; to draw and paint / colour
  • Need to see how something works to understand it
  • Need to see it to believe it
  • Every item in the house has a special place
  • When speaking usually tell stories
  • Very materialistic and love nice things, ADOS (attention deficit…oh shiny)
  • Travel or driving directions - draws you a map; tells you colours of the buildings around
  • Childhood toys: light bright, dress up, barbies, art, beautiful dolls, fireworks, movies
  • Adult games: would rather not play, but do like DVD’s, Movies, Pictionary, any noncompetitive game that everyone wins at.
  • If a Poker player: can see and read subtle body language
    • Love the psychology of the game
    • With a good hand gets excited and makes quick decisions
  • Need eye contact. Likes to look you in the eyes when talking to you
  • Talk very quickly, so they do not lose their train of thought
  • Talk on more than one subject at a time
  • Do not totally finish their sentences, but it will make sense by the end of the conversation
  • Hate talking for very long periods of time on the telephone; needs to see the person
  • Hand writing is usually neat and can be pretty
  • Need to spell check everything on the computer or have someone else edit
  • Love sticky notes for reminders
  • Only have a cell phone for necessity (usually business)
  • Love to buy real things, they can see the dollars that are used
  • Trust the money they can see
  • Notice themselves in pictures, mirrors or windows
  • If they have an addiction, it is to escape into another world / story, or to look cool
  • In the shopping mall;
    • Window displays and store ambiance is very important
    • Notice even the slightest changes from last visit
    • Change rooms floors must be clean to try on clothes
    • Usually will not buy anything they cannot see in real life
    • Notice the clothes on a Mannequins - Oh that looks cute
    • If it looks good, they may spend over budget, price is not important
  • Their automobile: will be good looking, shiny, clean, with good visibility
  • House: will be big or showy, looks clean, everything has a place, all rooms have a theme
    • Has fine furniture
    • Lots of ornaments
  • Tattoos would be beautiful and colorful

Test Answers:

Written, you should have received the answer Visual from the twenty questions

Muscle Testing, 1st Channel should answer Visual

In Pictures, love to look good in pictures

Eye Movement, When you answer a question you look above, left or right with your eyes

Body Movement, You like to talk with your hands above shoulders

Word / Listening Skills, Words you use...

  • Dinner would sure look good right now
  • I can see that
  • See ya later
  • We don’t see eye to eye


  • Gifts
  • Anything they can see is pretty / good looking
  • Helping with chores
  • Spending time with them