Inner Genie Mastery

You HoldThe Key

Mastering Your Inner Genie

My goal is for you to be able to ask the perfect QUESTION, trust your ANSWER and knowing without a doubt that you are taking the next perfect ACTION step.

For those of you...

Who have no idea how to ask a perfect QUESTION, how to listen and receive the perfect ANSWER or if what you are doing is even the perfect ACTION to achieve your wishes, wants, dreams and desires?

Here is what I can PROMISE with the 'INNER GENIE MASTERY PROGRAM':

  • You are going to be able to ask the perfect QUESTION!
  • You are going to either; see, feel, know or hear the perfect ANSWER!
  • You are going to have full confidence that you are taking the perfect ACTION step at anytime!
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You HoldThe Key(2)

If you are ready to actually learn Intuitive SELF Coaching; meaning to empower yourself and know without a doubt that the next course you are taking, the next book you are about to purchase, or any other action you are about to perform is the perfect next step on accomplishing your wishes, wants, dreams and desires and bring them into reality... then I am really excited for you!

What do I mean by the word 'INTUITIVE'; Intuitive to me is your higher self, your subconscious mind, your INNER GENIE, your ability to trust the feelings, thoughts, dreams or words that your gut is trying to tell you.

What do I mean by the word 'SELF'; Meaning, you have the power, the ability and the confidence to shift, and any other person, place or thing just amplifies your intent.

What do I mean by the word 'COACHING'; Asking yourself the PERFECT Question and taking ACTION.

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Intuitive Self Coaching is using your conscious and subconscious mind to guide you on the perfect next step on your journey. Knowing who you decided to hire, what book, course, workshop or really any action you are about to do, is perfect for you.

I know that most of you have hired a person, bought courses, books or made most your decisions off of either your emotions (because they looked good, sounded good, felt good, your friends or family were doing it) or just on blind faith.

From now on, you will be extremely confident in knowing that you can trust without a doubt that you can ask your inner genie anything, and the answer you receive is perfect for you! Knowing that whatever answer you received is the perfect next step for you.

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An Invitation To Every Person
Who Has Ever Dreamed Of Rubbing
The Genie's Lamp
Receiving Their Three Wishes.

A Life Changing All About Me Time!
For Those That Are From Out Of Town... A Trip To Las Vegas, And For Those From The Las Vegas Area, We Are So Excited To Be Coming To Your Home Town!

No Matter Where You Are Coming From, we can sense your excitement igniting as you start imagining you are already there. Some of you can hear all the specific tones of the winning slot machines, you can envision all the amazing sights of grand hotel casinos, and the exciting night life like no other city on Earth! For those that are from there you can feel a calm like no other, coming down from the north...

You have been feeling like there is a huge inner shift coming and not just any shift but a BIG shift; and you know it is time to focus on your body, mind & soul… the next major shift in your life is about to manifest real soon. YOU are sooo excited that you know that you can easily justify a trip to Las Vegas to your partner (heck, they are coming too). It is fantastic when it can be for both business and focusing on your own personal development (which by the way can be a write-off... education is always a write off in business). You are so ready for this major personal shift, this incredible personal clearing of your energy that you have been feeling is so about to happen, a spiritual reboot some might call it, the most rub the lamp kind of magical experience yet.


We know that you’ve been dreaming about a weekend workshop that enhances all your inner genie desires with the normal everyday life routines. A magnificent combination of body, mind and soul re-balancing that empowers your inner deepest goals, ideas and universal energy concepts all in one place; from five top experts in their field of empowering your human potential in creating your dreams into reality.

You can feel the power of the groups energy even now, just thinking about join us in this Las Vegas Think big, Dream BIGGER live event. There is magical power that manifest and vibrates in like-minded individuals whom join together in a group at an omniscience level. The most positive universal chi energy that can be used to transform not only you, but can be put to use for the most positive vibration of love energy that can be sent out to all the world.

You are hearing, feeling, seeing and knowing that your spiritual angels are guiding you to a place where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and all the mystical, magical, unbelievable life changing knowledge of the combined five individuals sharing their knowledge this coming 2019 March 29th - 31st weekend is the perfect next step to your amazingly incredible path on your journey of self discovery and enlightenment.

Dream Big

All Right, Now Take A Breath and Manifest Your INNER Shift...

Actually that is one thing we will be discussing during the weekend. How you take a breath when you are manifesting a goal or a dream to come true. If you are not already using the your inner genie of your breath to manifest, then you still have a thing or two to learn.

No Matter What Your Goals Are

Mastering Your Inner Genie Is The Key


For Some Of You, Not only are you in Las Vegas for the conference BUT it is a place where magic actually happens, the best of the best magicians and entertainers are performing magic every night.

You get to imagine visiting Paris, New York, Egypt and even ancient medieval castles all in the same night. The Lights, Excitement, and New Imagination is everywhere you turn, there’s a glamorous casinos to explore or a water show so spectacular, it takes your breath away.

As the mystical warm desert air flows through your hair... you keep feeling a sense of certainty growing inside you. It’s the feeling you get when you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are going to be in the right place at the right time, that inner knowing of the big energy shift you keep dreaming of is going to happen. That this weekends transformation will be able to clear even your past, present and future blocks, contracts, old programming, ancestral and tribal cords and beliefs, even curses or any other negative energy holding you back from achieving your destiny in this lifetime.


Your inner genie has never felt so sure of your decision to be part of this particular gathering of individuals on this particular weekend event in Las Vegas, and your instincts are so powerfully clear that this particular group of like-minded, raise above the normal individuals, are so more than just your typical motivational, inspirational get together type. Your inner genie has never been this in tune to your inner knowing that this weekend is the most immaculate transformational shift that you have been waiting for. You have been asking Creator for help and your prayers have been answered, you are granted the permission to dream as big as the stars of Vegas… and beyond! It is time to create your Legacy.

The Magical Inner Genie Of Your Lamp is granting a special transformational magical wish that is specifically created just for you!

You’ve been guided to get on and ride the magical carpet of creating your fantasy dreams into reality. Your inner knowing is so ready to grasp all the empowering, inspiring, motivating and supportive life changing techniques and conversations that you have ever heard. You love the fact that you will be surrounded by like-minded, creative and intuitive people, just like you.



You are coming this Las Vegas Event to design a Dream SO spectacular that even the greatest illusionists would approve!

You are ready to manifest the kind of dreams that change everything!
The dreams that take place when you allow your wishes to be granted.


It Is Our Pleasure To Create this magical weekend so you can come to tweak your wishes, wants and desires and turn them into reality?

  • A Weekend to actually learn Intuitive SELF Coaching; meaning to empower yourself and know without a doubt that the next course you are taking, the next book you are about to purchase, or any other action you are about to perform is the perfect next step on accomplishing your wishes, wants, dreams and desires and bring them into reality
  • A Weekend where you can actually participate in your magical transformation
  • A Weekend where you learn how to Ask A PERFECT QUESTION
  • A Weekend where you learn how to Receive A PERFECT ANSWER
  • A Weekend where you know without a doubt that your next ACTION STEP towards your biggest fantasy goal is correct for you
  • A Weekend where you get to take home usable knowledge for the rest of your life
  • A Weekend where you learn to let go of any negative energy holding you back
  • A Weekend to enjoy, cherish and remember!

Get Ready To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams.

During This Think Big, Dream Bigger Las Vegas Weekend, You Will:

  • Become one with your deepest passions and goals by knowing how to ask the perfect question to receive the perfect answer
  • Manifest more than just a bucket list, including the so-called “crazy dreams” and silly possibilities your future holds like you have never even imagined possible,
  • Be Removing all the old useless beliefs, paradigms and habits that no longer serve you on a body, mind & soul level
  • Be Taking home all the magic from your inner genie's lamp to continue manifesting your dreams into reality

March 29th, 30th & 31st 2019

Its Time To Dream

 Time To Find Your Inner Genie!

Think Big Dream Bigger

Think Big, Dream BIGGER!

One of the secrets to your inner genie is... 
Learning how to change the word I WANT to...

I Have, I Know, I Own, I Love, I Am, I Did

When You Get A room Filled With Brilliant Minds
Nothing Can Stop You!

See You In Vegas


Meet Connie


Constance Santego

Your Hostess and Keynote Speaker

Connie is an Author and Educator Of The Holistic Arts and has been teaching Body, Mind & Soul Transformational Techniques since 1999. She founded and owned an accredited college for fourteen years and today owns Santego Holistic Centre in the Beautiful Okanagan Valley in the Hawaii of Canada, Kelowna BC.

For over twenty years Connie has been teaching clients and students how to transcend their Physical, Emotional, Mental and/or Spiritual pain so they can move freely through life...

Constance will be sharing her love of DREAMING BIG!!!
How To Ignite Your Inner Genie

Come and learn in person the secrets to
Your Inner Genie

Shift happens...Create magic!

Read More About Constance

Mary Bullard

Igniter Of Hope

Mary Bullard

Igniter of Hope Founder

Guest Speaker

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, where hard work and loyalty are highly valued, Mary grew up with that core belief and applies it to every area of her life. In all professional positions that she has been in throughout her life, Mary’s love of people drives her to help others.

Mary started her career in the customer service industry which led to jobs in business administration, real estate and project and property management. She had worked hard for 20 years, 17 hours a day raising two children on her own. And according to Mary, “No matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t get ahead financially.” It was when she hit rock bottom financially during a massive economic recession in her town that she found true wealth, the power of personal growth and mind set. She became a student of the industry and while at the start was in massive financial debt, having to sell her car and almost every last possession she owned, she discovered a profession which would put her in a top income earning position in her next company.

Mary went from broke to a global leader and million-dollar income earner within 5 years, and she continues to create 6-figure income earners globally.

In addition to multiple industry successes, Mary has spent over a decade teaching and coaching individuals how to overcome their circumstances by the power of mind set and taking action.

Read More About Mary

Suzanne Bandick

Thinking Into Results
& Love Notes

Suzanne Bandick

Empowered Living Mentor

Guest Speaker

Originally from Vancouver Canada, Suzanne & her husband are living their dream in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Mexico.

As 'Thinking Into Results' facilitator, Suzanne is growth oriented and enthusiastically help individuals, groups and companies discover their deepest goals and desires and to reach their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. She has been studying personal growth and development for over 30 years. Her and her husband are entrepreneurs who have founded companies and training sales and marketing teams in three countries. She has help clients create the life they want and fulfill their dreams.

Special Introduction of Love Notes By Suzanne. Suzanne with the help of her Angelic Team her Goal is to Empower At Least One Million People every year!

Read More About Suzanne


Your Unconscious Energy Field

Catherine Wylie Pagliaro

Business & Health Coach

Guest Speaker

Catherine N. Wylie Pagliaro; Multi Business Owner, Published Author, Master/Cert of Science, ThetaHealing®Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Health Coach

Catherine specializes in business growth strategies that supercharge results and your revenue. As an Award-Winning Expert and Published Author, Catherine has a superior wealth of e-commerce knowledge and expertise gained from creating and teaching her “Surefire” series of Internet educational seminars and coaching programs for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Read More About Catherine

Gaine Center

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Troy Mitchell

Making Law Of Attraction
Work For You By Hypnosis

Troy Mitchell


Guest Speaker

Troy Mitchell is a personal, professional trainer and consultant who has spent more than 20 years developing the most effective techniques for improving the performance and development of people from all walks of life. A certified professional hypnotist and corporate trainer, Troy is also well known as a speaker, facilitator, life coach, mentor, visionary, entertainer and so much more.

The Law of Attraction Principles

The Law of Attraction is very real but there is so much more to it that has not yet been revealed. Have you tried to utilize it but were unsuccessful? I've been studying the Law of Attraction for 20 years now and have come across some amazing discoveries through regression therapy utilizing hypnosis which I have developed into an easy-to-follow, effective process to attract what you want. How easy would it be to attract what you want by simply thinking about it and BAM, it appears? Well, it's obvious the Law of Attraction doesn’t work that way BUT there is a process that DOES work and I want to share this process with YOU!

Troy's Live By Design

YOU can accomplish ALL of these things by aligning the most powerful process in your control. There are THREE things we need to align in our lives before we can attract what we truly want. Whether by default or by design, this creative process aligns our energy to create our results. Proactively, this harmony can be aligned with an intention but you have to know the principles of alignment in order to get control over it.

Read More About Troy

You Even Get Extra Bonus Material, Like...


FREE 5 Day Art Of Manifestation Challenge

Want a heads up on a bit of what you will be learning at the
three day Las Vegas Dream Bigger Convention...


Check It Out... What do you have to lose?
Really, what do you have to gain?

You will find that we have all been guided to come together on this particular weekend as an enlightened group for not only to transform ourselves to achieve a stronger inner strength, or to gain leadership qualities for us to lead by example, but to also help with the universal energy of this planet and help others along their journey.

It will not be in the usual typical way that the normal person would expect, but in an omniverse way... where all parts of that oneness, peace and harmony flows within your veins from the heavens and you vibrate at a life changing higher level of consciousness way.

Constance Santego & Team

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No Matter What You Need To Shift, Your
Inner Genie Has The Magic To Achieve That


Level 1 - Inner Genie Apprentice (self-help)

This is all about YOU!!!

Here is what you are going to LEARN:

  • The science behind a question and how your brain seeks the answer
  • The power of your subconscious mind
  • How to formulate the perfect questions
  • How to get honest and factual answers that are specific to your needs
  • How to trust the actions you are taking is the perfect next step for you
  • How to expect a paradigm shift
  • And many other tips, tricks and hands on experiences to add to what you are already doing in achieving your biggest dreams

Your Inner Genie has access to your subconscious mind, it knows everything about how to nurture your Body, Mind & Soul...
your DNA blueprint!

Dream BIGGER Ticket
Igniting Your Inner Genie

If you are ready to absorb all the amazing information and energy of this particular group of like-minded individuals attending and you can't wait to hear, see, feel and know all the scheduled speakers and entertainment planned, including the pre & post homework of the online continuation of support and other surprise gifts, then this Think Big, Dream BIGGER Event is for you.

To Register, Click Here $595.00... YES PLEASE, SIGN ME UP
  • (approximately $450 USD)
  • Enjoy all the Dream Big Class Training
  • Evening Gala (With Law Of Attraction Hypnotist, Troy Mitchell)
  • Evening Masked Cocktail Party (With the lovely voice of an Angel, Anna)
  • Surprise Gifts, Pre & Post Bonuses

Not Included In Any Ticket ( Extra Charge)

*Airfare, transportation to and from airport, accommodation, some meals and extra services are not included in the price.

Cancellation policy:
Refundable (minus 10%) if canceling before November 15th, 2018
Refundable (minus 25%) if canceling before January 15th, 2019
Refundable (minus 50%) if canceling before February 15th, 2019
Refundable (minus 75%) if canceling before March 15th, 2019

You can Transfer Your Ticket To Someone Else If You Cannot Make It.

Please send an email after you made the payment to confirm your registration to:

A confirmation for your payment will be sent to you from Infusionsoft after sending the payment. A welcome letter confirming your registration and further information will be sent to you from Constance Santego. If you have not received it within 24 hrs after sending your payment, please check your SPAM and TRASH folders.



I do not know what I would have done without Connie, her information is life changing!

I am not even through the fairy tales part and my life has changed so much already.

I achieved my first goal almost instantly, on to my next goal.

I just keep adding to my goal list, it is amazing how fast you manifest your goals.

I am so happy and grateful to recommend Mary Bullard as a Personal Development Coach!
It only took about 17 seconds for me to recognize her gift.  Mary speaks directly from her heart and my heart was open and ready for a massive change.
I felt like a yo-yo dieter of personal development plans.  I had belief in lots of ideas but no way to sustain any lasting results.  Mary put it all together for me in a language I understood immediately.  Her decades of training along with her own life experiences give her an authenticity unlike anyone I have met in this field.  Her energy is like “cloud surfing” because her sense of personal freedom is infused in everything she does.  Throughout the coaching experience you can feel her cheering you on to find your own sense of freedom, joy and full potential.  This process is truly thrilling on both sides!  It’s easy to see why this is her passion.
In the 2 years that I have committed to practicing her very simple instructions, my life has literally transformed into the life of my dreams: out of poverty into a successful career writing for tv, film, and music; out of abuse and into a love worth celebrating and into a state of joy and self love.
I now know that I can create absolutely anything I desire.
My wish for everyone would be for them to feel this freedom I now experience everyday.
I know that it's possible with Mary's coaching style, you can't unlearn what she teaches.  I love her!!!
Las Vegas

The Think Big, Dream BIGGER Live Event
Will Be Held At The
Westgate Resort and Casino

3000 S. Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV, 89109

To Reserve A Room, Click Here