Most motivated people have questions that need to be answered before they jump right in...

What’s proof is there that this works?

Did you write out your 100 goals yet?

I can't prove anything to you until you do. You have to be able to write down your dreams first, then I can prove it to you. The old saying "Whatever you believe, you will be right". Your brain is wired specifically to your beliefs, and whatever you focus on will happen.

My family does not believe in the power of  intuition?

Intuition is just another word for belief or gut instinct. I have not met a person yet who does not follow their own beliefs. Wisdom is your intuition at work. So believe in the power of wisdom.

What if I do not have the money to pay for the program?

No problem. When you are ready to shift and create magic in your life you will have the money. People always seem to find the money for what they can see true value in.

I have designed my system of the Dream Big and Quantum Leap Transformation so a person can have a huge savings if they want the whole meal deal, to single workshop choice, to a person being able to purchase an e-book version for almost pennies in comparison.

No matter how you start, just start. There are many roads to Rome as they say. Just find yours and enjoy the journey. Because Shift does happens! And it will seem magical when you do...