Level 1 – Universe

Humans, Ghosts and Spirits

Within the level of the universe, there are three different elements: Humans, Ghosts and Spirits. 

We humans have one of the lowest frequencies, equaled by aliens on different planets, but we do have the most freedom.  In the Bible it says that we have free will, meaning we have the ability to choose and to make decisions about our actions. Whatever we put our minds to, we can make happen.

At the next frequency, we find ghosts. Their energy has a faster speed than ours, which is why sometimes we sense them and at other times we don’t. Seldom do you hear of people being able to actually touch a ghost in a solid form; usually they only see, hear or sense them.

One concept is that ghosts are able to use dust particles in the area and, with just the right light, we are able to see them. I know this is not true for all spirits, for the ones I saw when I was young were not dust particles.

Ghosts are very limited in the amount of freedom they have. They are people who have passed on and do not know where to go or were too afraid to go anywhere. Many humans have a belief system that when they die they only have two choices, heaven or hell. I am here to tell you that whatever belief you have of the afterlife is what you will create when you die.

(It is hard to portray the reality of the spiritual realm in a movie with only our human capabilities, but one of the best that had the most accurate description of the afterlife is the movie, “What Dreams May Come”, with actor Robin Williams.)

If you have met a ghost, there may be a few underlying reasons; it might be because it is attached to something, such as a favorite old chair, a piece of jewelry or a building, and you now own it.  Perhaps it wants help to move on, or you may have interfered with something to which it is attached. For example, you may have just bought a home and are renovating; the ghost who lives there is now not familiar with anything and feels threatened.  The mind of a ghost cannot change anything after it dies because it does not have a brain with which to think, so it is “stuck” right there.

Removing a ghost is a tricky thing.  Imagine you live in your home and someone demands that you leave. You are not allowed to take anything with you, and you are not invited to go anywhere else. You have decided that you are not going to hell and you have never thought you were good enough to be admitted to heaven, so what do you do?  Fight back and get those people out of your house!

Ghosts need to be moved on with integrity. You need to prove to them that there is a better place for them.

 When I recall this memory, I can still smell the dust­ - my heart skips a beat and I hold my breath.

At the age of four, I remember climbing up on a solid wooden chair in the middle of the hallway that my dad had just used to access the attic of the house we were renting.  Being a curious kid, I wanted to see what was up there in that secret hideout.

 On asking permission from my mom, she replied, “No, it is not a place for little girls. It is too dirty.”

 I begged, “Please,” over and over again.

Luckily for me, when my dad came down, he gave his approval. He stood on the chair and lifted me through the rectangular hole in the ceiling. Next I had to help Tracy, my two year old sister, into the space. Triumphantly, I sat across from my sister looking down at my mom and dad.

I remember that it bothered me a bit when we had to lift our feet so my dad could close the hatch door on us, but I didn’t want to go down just yet.

We were sitting in the middle of one big open space. I could have walked it in about ten giant footsteps both in front of me and behind and about five giant footsteps to each side. Past Tracy, I saw light coming through a window that was in a triangular wall. Making up the floor were rows of dusty insulation, the colour of dirty yellow snow, lying lengthwise between the two by fours.

 I turned my head and twisted my body towards the right and almost behind me. In the left hand corner of the room, about three feet away from the wall, was an old worn-out wooden handrail guarding the descending stairway.

Three figures resembling witches, dressed in grey robes, were starting to go down the stairs. I could see only portions of two of them, the first from her shoulders up and the second from her waist up. The third figure looked to be the size of my mom, 5’6”, and even though I could not see any of their faces because their hoods were drawn, she was staring at me, giving me shivers.  It was as if she was probing my mind.

 I do not remember any noise; it was as if time was standing still.

After what seemed like an eternity, she hastily turned her back and took a step forward around the handrail and followed the others.

Like snapping out of a bad dream, I jerked my head back towards my sister and started kicking the hatch door with my feet, screaming hysterically, “Let us down!”

As the hatch opened, I jumped down through the hole. My dad caught me and passed me to my mom. I still remember shakily running towards my bedroom as my mom asked me what was wrong.

 All I could stammer breathlessly was, “Scary ladies up there….stairs…”

Moments later my mom came to me. “Connie, you must have imagined it. Dad said there are no ladies or stairway up there.”

I believe what I saw that day was real. And even though it frightened me terribly, my curiosity seemed to awaken my clairvoyance abilities.

The next time I had an unusual experience, I was old enough to remember the details and to know that what had happened was real.

I was nine, sitting on the couch talking with my two older cousins in their unfinished basement. I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about but I know I cut them off in their conversation with, “What do you think she is saying?” 

They looked at me questionably, “Who?”

Pointing, I responded, “The lady on the wall.”

Both of them followed the direction of my finger.

The image of her was a like a portrait picture, flat and two dimensional. I still can remember the lady’s face. She was about thirty with brown eyes and a clear smooth complexion, kind, soft lips and wavy, brown shoulder length hair. She was wearing a plain green T-shirt. Her lips were moving as she was talking, although I could not hear her.

My heart went out to her; I really wanted to know what she was saying because the lost and despairing look on her face seemed to say she needed help.

Patiently waiting for my cousins’ reply, I was stunned by their reaction.  As they screamed and fled the basement, it took me a moment to decide what to do.

I was in a state of shock.  I wanted to stay and find out what the lady was saying but still could not understand why my cousins fled as they didn’t say that they saw anything.

Since it was their house and they were older than I, I decided they knew what they were doing and decided to not take a chance and be left alone with this ghost.  I followed them.

 As I ascended the stairs, my curiosity kept me watching the lady through the openings of the two by fours. Her eyes were following me up as she kept mouthing something.  I was not afraid of this lady; I just wished I could have understood what she was saying.

When I entered the upstairs living room, my cousins were still screaming, telling our parents that I said I seen a lady downstairs. My mom was silent but gave me one of those disapproving looks that definitely meant, “What did you do now?”

I thought I was in trouble and was embarrassed to look like a fool in front of all my family, so I never did ask them what they saw. Later that evening, my mom said I should not mention the lady again because it scared my cousins and they had to sleep down there.

Fifteen years later, long since they had lived in that house, I asked my cousins, Coli and Lisa, if they remembered the lady on the wall. They both said they saw nothing that night but Lisa did tell me sometimes she had felt like someone had walked into her room.

 I noted later that the lady on the wall was in colour, not like the other story I told where the three ladies were shades of grey, as you would have seen on the old black and white TV’s. 

After ghosts come spirits; they are similar to ghosts but are not tied to one spot or object. They have the ability to change their frequency and move; they can go anywhere on earth and most can travel the universe and, depending on their rank, even to the higher levels of the celestial realm.

Spirits come in different varieties. Just as humans and ghosts, spirits can be good or bad.

Each one of us has a guide or maybe two, or three.  They are spiritual beings that have agreed to work with you as you travel your earthly journey.  They may be a belated relative, friend or someone from your past, who has passed over to the other side.  You may not recognize the spirit(s) but they have chosen to help you on your earthly path.  They may stay for a few hours, days, or years - as long as they are needed.  We can receive new guides each time we are facing new situations in our life and need some guidance.  They are only guides and you need to make sure that you are not allowing yourself to be led away from what is best for your higher good.  So make sure that you are always asking for advice that is for your higher good.

I have been introduced to four types of spirits that help us – Guardian (some people call this spirit and angel), Teacher, Worker and Protector.

The Guardian Spirit’s job is to make sure we stay on our right path or life purpose.  I have never known of a Guardian spirit to talk to us where we can hear them only to direct us. We made our personal plans or life’s purpose before being born into human existence and it is the role of the Guardian Spirit to see that we keep on track. Guardian Spirits will not interfere with our choices unless they are against our personal plan or purpose.

A Teacher Spirit is who most people consider their guide. You might have one guide your whole life, or many, who might change over the years. The role of these spirits is to teach us. They are with us most of the time, but not every day. These are the spirits that are the little voices in our heads telling us to do something. If the voice is directing us unwisely, we are being contacted by a low spirit or the dark side. Spirits of the light only want to improve life and for everyone concerned.

Worker Spirits are those who choose to work on earth in places that they loved when they were alive such as a hospital or anywhere they think they can still help. They cannot change much of what is happening, but occasionally they leave us a message or give us extra energy when either is needed.

Protector Spirits do just that - they protect us when we are in harm and they do not go against our purpose. You might have heard stories of people avoiding disasters such as when a driver turns right instead of left only to find out later that he had missed involvement in a serious accident by turning at that moment.

Regardless of which spirit it is, you can ask any question of it that you like. Actually, the more you learn about your personal spirit, the clearer your information or guidance will be. (Remember - always test all spirits).

I was shown that people have many choices once they leave this life. Most people do not know this or know to ask questions beforehand. Asking the correct question is another of the secrets to the celestial realm. The bible says, “Ask and you shall receive”. It does not outline for us for what we should ask or a limit as for what we can ask. As said before, the spirit world is very literal - each word is taken to the exact meaning.  So be careful what you ask and make sure to use accurate wording.  Again, spirits cannot interfere in our lives or thoughts unless we have given them permission.  So be careful what you ask and make sure to use accurate wording.

The question is the most important part of the secret.  What you ask will be answered. The only problem is… by whom?