Proof of Energy

Secrets of a Healer Series

What Your Mom Never Taught You About...

Episodes 1-4

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Meditations Can Be Done:
  • with your eyes open or closed
  • you can be sitting or lying down
  • in the dark or in the sunlight
  • at anytime of the day
  • and as often as you like...

Your Subconscious Mind (your inner genie) knows what it needs to hear, and some days you will be listening to the same meditation and notice that what you just heard you don't remember it being there last time...
TRUST yourself and know that whatever you choose to listen to is the perfect one for right now.

Listen to the many Different types of Meditations
for your Body, Mind & Soul

... for overall well being

... for when you have health issues

... for when you have feelings of low energy

...for empowering your mind

... for balancing your Energy

  • Root Chakra - all about you,  your personal power
  • Sacral Chakra - all about your family, friends and community
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - all about gaining back your will power
  • Heart Chakra - all about love and compassion
  • Throat Chakra - all about communication
  • Brow Chakra - all about intuition
  • Crown Chakra - all about God / Creator/ Higher Power

... for Guidance and Answers