Pain Motivates Us

I was twenty-seven married with two small children when I started to have major back issues. I had a choice surgery that had a chance to paralyze me or live with the pain.

I chose a third option; holistic healing. It took me two years to heal from the pain, due to an overuse work issue (I had wrecked my back and had to sell a company I owned due to it was causing me the back problem, that would only get worse if I continued working in that field). I actually changed occupations completely and started working in a healing center. I went back to school nights and weekends to learn many health and healing modalities.

Between seeing a chiropractor and a muscle testing technique called the Quick Fix, my back healed! I opened my own holistic business a year and a bit later, and then a college and trained thousands of other students from all over the world.

And now I can help millions of like-minded people.


Pleasure and pain... we will do almost anything to stay out of pain, including wanting to die. The emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual stress of pain can be unbearable. Medical Doctors prescribe millions of pain prescriptions a year.

In the twenty some years that I have been a spiritual healer I have seen all kinds of pain, some I can heal and many I cannot. A person has to want to heal, and weird as it may sound many people do not want to heal. It may serve them a purpose to be in pain. Accident claims is the one of the top reasons for not wanting to heal too quickly...less money if you heal quickly.

I have seen people be in pain to receive sympathy and love. I have seen people in pain because they LOVEEEE their sports more than being pain free. I have seen people in emotional pain, mental pain and spiritual pain. I have seen people create their pain on purpose.

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The only people who are true hypochondriacs have a very specific iridology (eye) constitution. They can feel even the slightest system in their body being off. Anyone else is complaining for another reason; addictions (food, alcohol, drugs), muscle overuse, and even sometimes just stupidity.

Pain is felt differently by people, some people have a high pain tolerance and some people a very low pain tolerance. If asked on a scale of 1 -10, 10 being the worst pain ever, it is amazing the pressure I use in a massage and the answers I get back. Some people should be in pain and others should not with the different amount of pressure I use. Pain is something that a lot of people get use to.

Pleasure and Pain motivates us. We only remember the really good or the really bad stuff and our subconscious mind determines how we react in any given situation and what we will do about our situation. Pain can be create a new path for you.

The #1 Reason Someone Goes To Get Help... Is Pain!!!

Most of my clients come to me because of physical pain, their body hurts. Mostly, back, shoulders and neck, but hands, feet and legs run a pretty close second. I can help muscles with massage, reflexology and shiatsu. I can help headaches with aromatherapy, massage and reflexology. I can help emotional issues with meditation and hypnosis. I can help spiritual loss of a loved one with mediumship or dark energy with possession with energy clearing.  I can teach you how to get answers from your body by using muscle testing. I can teach you how to get answers for you future by using intuition.

Do you know the number one reason someone has hobbies, listens to music, reads, enjoys games, plays sports, watches movies or any other type of entertainment? It is for pleasure. Many people use entertainment to forget about their pain; drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.

Pleasure and Pain... Health care should be your number one concern with aging well. Your childhood injuries sneak back up on you in your older age, causing you all kinds of pain that you will insist on the doctors to fix for you. There are many issues that seem not easy to fix after it has been damaged; bones, organs and your brain.

You can fix many things with eating right and gaining flexibility. BUT a positive outlook on life is your key, GRATITUDE... for all that you have, just as you have it... even when you are working on bettering yourself. FOCUS on all the good in your life so that your mind concentrates on creating more of that for you.

I can help you with maintaining pain, and many times I can cure your pain even with just one session, but sometimes all I can do is give you a few hours of pain free time. It really is up to you... to end your pain, by possibly stop doing to yourself which is causing your pain in the first place and move on.

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Education, learning is actually the answer, learn how to stop your pain, by learning what is causing it and then stop doing what is causing it and then do something better for yourself.

I am here when you are ready to get out of your pain once and for all! BUT  are you ready for what I have to say?

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