Empowering Your Body, Mind & Soul

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Shift happens... Create magic! (1)

What if you knew, deep down inside of you that there is a power that went beyond the essence of your soul, that kept nudging you so slightly that most of the time you could ignore it. But every so often it is so strong that it is hard to ignore, and as time goes by it gets more and more obvious and intense?

What if you were about to embark on a journey that would mark the moment where you finally broke free of your fears and freed this energy which is so empowering and at the same time enlightening? What if the power you possess deep inside of you was your Spiritual Gifts waiting to flourish and grow?


Imagine the relief and empowerment that you will have when you finally unlock, awaken, and develop these Spiritual Gifts, and use this amazing energy for the power of healing, manifesting, or helping family and friends by emanating this new vibrational frequency... like a stereo playing music. What if it is time to make a difference in this world by shining bright with love-light energy?

Shift happens... Create magic!

You Can

I’ve watched this happen with students for over twenty years. They sign up to work with me to develop their Spiritual Gifts and in no time, they have manifested their dreams, wishes, wants, and desires into reality. Developing as I call it their 'Inner Genie', by developing all nine of the Spiritual Gifts.

The paradigm shift is coming where the masses are able to use the gifts granted by Spirit and use them for the benefit of humanity… creating Heaven on Earth.

Are you READY to develop your SPIRITUAL GIFTS?



Since 1997, I have been teaching clients and students on how to develop their spiritual gifts.

Empowering Your Body, Mind & Soul

For so many years, I have had the honor of having many spirits present themselves in my life. For the purpose of healing, knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, tongues, miracles, faith, and distinguishing spirits. People come to me, and others like me, to seek spiritual guidance, direction, confirmation, protection, ascension, inspiration, motivation, and transformation. All of which can only be guided through the help of the spirit world.

I have been teaching students and facilitating clients in shifting, and in many cases eliminating and transforming their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain into HEALTH, WEALTH & HAPPINESS.

Let me take you on a journey of empowering your body, mind, and soul through The Nine Spiritual Gifts, Granted by Spirit.


For the Authors out there. . . something to think about.
Writing is using an object,
let’s say a pen filled with ink, to scribble marks of lines and curves, forming the letters of words. The ink has no power, it can’t write on its own. The words have no power, they are only created by the person writing them. The brain has no power, it is just a bunch of vibrating atoms. So, that only leaves the human soul that has the power to give the intention of a word. Only the soul’s intention has the power to change.

Shift happens…Create Magic!