My First Paradigm Shift

So how did I get to now? 

I now believe that my childhood made me strong and determined to find a better way of life.

I was born into a childhood romance; my mother, small and pregnant, was married in pink when she was sixteen years old. My father who was three years older was a dreamer, always trying to be something or someone he was not – a miner, a traveling salesman, but never knowing a real job…

We lived in nineteen different homes in four different towns by the time I reached eight years of age.  Memories of those precious years are terrible. Yelling, spanking, crying and being scared is what I remember most – happy during the day and walking on eggshells as soon as my Dad arrived home at night.

My mother did her best looking after my sister and I in trailers or one bedroom basement suites, with minimal furniture and food. Hand-me-down clothes, struggling to keep up with my education due to all the different schools I attended, never knowing how long this new friend was going to be with me, were some of my life lessons.

From the age of ten I helped my divorced mom (thank God!) with her businesses and by the age of twenty five I owned my first business – an awning and canvas repair business…just like Mom.

When I was twenty nine I had to sell my business, due to the excruciating pain in my lower back that would cause me to collapse onto the floor. Not wanting an operation, I looked into alternative healing for relief of the pain. I went to a few different practitioners who practised: chiropractic, massage, emotional clearing, reflexology and muscle testing to name a few – and they all helped heal my back. I then studied many of these courses and at the age of thirty one was working in an alternative health clinic.

Interesting how life’s many twists and turns, ups and downs are actually blessings in disguise. This next story is what really changed my life.

I enjoyed very much working in the alternative medicine clinic.  Even with the many courses that I took to make me qualified for the job, I was not prepared for this event.


Everything started out as usual. It was close to 10:00 a.m. and I was just finishing saying goodbye to my first client when I noticed my next client was waiting for me in the lobby. I greeted her and led her into my practitioner room. I had seen her before at the office as she was a regular client with one of the other girls. She sat down in the recliner and readied herself for her Reflexology session by removing her socks and shoes. She was relaxing in the chair and making small talk with me; I was just finishing with her right foot and about to change over onto the left foot when it happened. 

            I started to feel a pressure in my head. It was not quite like a headache, it was just this pressure and then… it turned into voices. This had never happened to me before. I didn’t understand it at first, and then I just knew they wanted to talk to the lady sitting in the chair. I didn’t know what to do and the pressure was increasing and the voices becoming louder. I was so worried that I was about to lose my job. That was all I needed… I could just imagine her running out of the room screaming. I was sure I would   be in big trouble with the girls at the front counter since any practice of clairvoyance was against their belief system.

            I was trying to understand what was happening. I could have counted on one hand the number of drinks in a year that I might have had. I do not do drugs, take medication or smoke anything. What was going on?  I grew up Catholic, going to church every Sunday, Catechism classes, even catholic schools. This was neither funny nor appropriate!

            Finally the pain in my head was unbearable.

“I have to tell you something.” Even with just those words, her face seemed to pale.  “You have two boys who want to talk to you…”  I paused, not knowing how she would respond.

She calmly replied, “Is that all…”

I almost fell out of my chair… like this happens to me every day. ‘Is that all?’!

“Describe them to me. What are they saying?”

When I gave her the requested information, she proceeded to tell me that both of her teenage sons had passed on in tragic circumstances. I could not believe my ears. Not only did this both intrigue and trouble me but what were the chances that I was right?

 Her husband came to visit me shortly after that and I communicated for him also. The couple invited me to their home and showed me pictures of the boys. I am still amazed at the accuracy of my description.


            From that day on, while I worked at the alternative medicine clinic, I never knew what to expect from my clients. I would think that I was going to do a massage or reflexology and set up for that booking but once they were in my room, I would find out differently. I always wondered how they knew of my clairvoyant abilities as I had never advertised. I guess word of mouth is all that it takes.

            This was definitely the turning point in my life and nothing has been normal since.

Oh, by the way, she told me later that she thought I was going to tell her that she had cancer or something equally serious. Funny… thinking back on it, that would have been normal!

All this has brought me to now, which will lead to tomorrow.

I believe that we all have a purpose on earth, that we are granted time to experience and learn what is necessary for each of us. I know that I want to help people in a big way—not just a small way.  I had a practitioner muscle test me once on how times I have been down here on earth, many times, over ten thousand times. Why, you might ask, why do I keep coming back? I think it is because I have a great ability to help the human spirit.

I could move on, change my frequency in the level of light and stay there but I have found that spirits there work harder then I do here. Also human beings do not seem to understand that these spirits are trying to help and communicate with us. Most people are scared when something unusual happens and many are put on medication. So I find that I can help more here then if I stayed up there.

My dream is to witness the new era, where there is no war, only peace on earth, when all people are respected equally and our purpose of this life time will be apparent to all. Man will be in control of his own life; self-empowerment, self-love and humanity will be the goal. There will be no judgment, just the understanding that everyone is on an individual path of enlightenment and that we all are at different stages in our development. Each of us needs different experiences in order to gain the wisdom required for the new millennium and the afterlife.

Heaven on Earth is to know that we each create our own future; every thought, decision and action creates a wave of reality that makes that determination. We make our choices freely with no one to blame but ourselves.

Every waking moment is a new opportunity to change your mind and choose a different route, a different path. You are the only one who can take control of your life and go forward to build a better tomorrow.

During your transformation here on Earth, I will share with you; knowledge, stories and inspirations about psychic healing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, for I have not seen that we can do that in the afterlife. I urge you to enjoy the precious time you have with your loved ones…to teach and learn from your children and finally… to be careful what you think, say and do for you create your own future. Your journey on earth takes such a short time, a metaphoric blink of an eye, compared with the afterlife.

May you go forward in love and light, with wisdom and self-empowerment.