Part 2 Of My Story by Sequoia Wiseman


Create Goals,
Achieve Them,
And Experience A
Lifetime Of Adventure!


Exercise #2 Create A Goal List Of 100 Things.

Write down a list of 100 things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it’s not. Every time I tried to sit down and write out this list, I failed.
What kind of goals do I put on?
Who am I?
Why do I want this goal?
Is it too silly?
What will people think once they read it?
Will anyone even see this list, what am I worried about?

And then there I was after weeks of writer’s block I was filling page after page with ideas of what I wanted to do before I died but then there was the challenge of actually doing them. No way did I have the funds to buy a jet plane fly around the world and live off the grid. I for one had never even been on a plane!! Well that’s where the list began to grow.

One thing after another I filled in even more pages. I keep them in a book now. Simple things like do a handstand and hold it for one minute, wine tasting learn to long board, take a dance class. These were achievable goals, and once I started to do them, just one a week to start, I felt unstoppable. Having the ability to achieve these small goals gave me courage I never had before.

Today just one year after starting the list I’m a cheerleader, I changed my career, I moved to a bigger city, I go to the gym regularly and I’m in a healthy relationship. This list changed me for the better.

How To Write A Bucket List
Just sitting down and jotting down all your life goals and dreams can be a complicated thing to do. So let’s start with the basics.

Why are you writing this list in the first place?
Is it to feel more accomplished in your life or to give it meaning?
Is it an exercise or work assignment?
If your heart isn’t in it how will that change what’s on your list?

For myself I wanted to change who I was. I had been trying to write this darn list as an assignment for weeks and nothing! Complete writers block. I could write down my name and title even number the bullets on the page but nothing else. I was completely frustrated. Being the little complainer that I was, I expressed quite dramatically to a friend and colleague of mine how I was feeling and she suggested we go get dinner and hangout for the evening... maybe go to the gym and relieve some tension. However it wasn’t our usual gym that she took me to, it was a studio. Glass mirrors all around the room, Shiny wood flooring and stripper poles. Whhhaaatt?? Were we doing here? I couldn't dance on a pole! I can barely dance on two feet! However this was a beginner’s class the teacher was very friendly and knowledgeable the environment was encouraging light and FUN!!

I actually enjoyed myself tremendously!!! Seriously I felt like a kid at a park jungle gym and as I finally let go of my stress I laughed and just let go. Literally I hit the floor. Other than a little bruised hip and some aching sore muscles I was okay. Better than okay. The next day I tried to write the list again. Nothing. So I figured lets write down what I’ve already done... pole dancing.
With that little check I felt amazing! It was a little reward that competitive side of me could hold onto and so I did it again check. Check.
This time I wrote down handstand. I could do a handstand I mean I used to be able to.... ha-ha that led to many attempts and finally three full seconds where my feet defied gravity. I continued to write the list like this, after all it was me just now who said it’s the little things in life that count the most.

My list was starting to look like a big mess super unorganized and chaotic. Every time I finished a goal I now had to search through soooo many scribbles and pages to find the right one and check it off. It was time to organize my big goals small goals and weekly goals from unachievable but fun goals, silly goals and group goals. Organization is key in a list and can truly save you a headache and cramped writing hand.

Be Flexible
Sometimes you need to be flexible with yourself and your goals. I do it all the time. For example go to the aquarium and see beluga whales with mom. Unfortunately something had come up and I had to make that trip alone. Nothing wrong with that and I still completed a goal. Going to the aquarium was a big deal. After all it’s on my list. I still checked off that goal it sucked that I couldn’t complete the goal with the person I wanted to, but I still got to complete the goal. Maybe the beluga area was closed for the day. Well I still went and in my mind I achieved that goal. Be flexible with yourself and your goals and you’ll make the list a whole lot more enjoyable after all that’s what the list is there for. Documentation of a life well lived and enjoyed.

Reward Yourself
I don’t know about you but I’m definitely competitive and that can get tiring for the people around me, so lately I’ve become even more competitive with myself.

I recently got the new fit bit activity tracker and now I can see how certain activities affect me. For example how many steps did it take, how long it took, what was my heart rate etc. and I try to match it or be better the next time I do that activity.

So now I’m creating things on my list which now has a goal category where I can compete with myself and have fun in a healthy and active way. Even if the activity isn’t necessarily an active one I’m still trying to do better each time.

Ever try bowling a perfect game or escaping the EXITT rooms or paintball without getting hit by paint before?? Those are challenges I will always try to be better at and it’s a great way for me to socialize with friends and family while competing with myself. Even if I fail to do better than a previous round I will still be eating a soft cone twist ice-cream afterwards. That’s just my reward for giving the event a try or getting out in general because that’s just one of my favorite parts about the list it gets me out there, it gets me trying, and I feel accomplished even when I fail.

Don't Have The Funds? $$$$
Bucket lists can be expensive and often it is the goals and dreams we fail to achieve because they are just too expensive, and let’s face it, not all of us are living that dream life with no financial worries or cares. That’s why the list exists!

We weren’t born to just pay bills and die but sometimes it feels like finances are suffocating and if you struggle with them they can suck the fun right out of life. Don’t let that stop you from creating a goal list. Add to it, add the crazy and obscure but don’t forget to add some simple days at the beach or walks in the park. Both great goals and often free of charge.

My challenge to you is 'to write down five free goals and complete them within a month'. Then if you’re a Journalist or are leaving open spaces on your list to jot down your experiences, compare them to the ones you spent more money on or had to save up for. Doing a few free goals can be an excellent way to save some money for a bigger goal on the list and then you don’t have to give up enjoying yourself before the big one.

Can a bucket list create an income??
Will it change you?

Just as the list changed me, it might just influence you to go after some childhood dreams that might just create a profit for you. If your list seems to have quite a few goals in the same category why not focus in on why? Obviously, you have a passion for that category. Document it, blog about it, share pictures on social media, create awareness of your passion. And maybe you’ll find yourself a sponsor. maybe that skateboarding turns into long boarding and then surfing next thing you know your living in Hawaii, a pro surfer sponsored by rip curl and inspiring others to follow their dreams. pay attention to your goals there is always a reason as to why they’re on your list.

Check Your List Often
Sometimes I complete goals without ever realizing it. I once had a goal to be a yes man for a day. Inspired by the movie yes man starring Jim Carrey. What an experience! I didn’t quite go to the lengths he did but it really had me thinking about situations whenever they arose. I found I would force myself to say, 'yes' the second I felt a little apprehensive or unsure about something. You probably know the butterfly feeling I had in my stomach the whole day. Often an unwelcome sign now I embrace it. It means something new for me, it means an experience is about to happen and whether I say yes or no will determine if I’m going to miss out. That feeling reminds me to check my list, step out of my comfort zone because by the end of the day I’m either crossing something off or I’m adding a whole lot more.

Goals I want to achieve, places I want to see, adventures I’m going to have. Start your list today, regret it...never.

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