Angelic Lifestyle – 42-Day Energy Cleanse eBook


How to live a vibrant lifestyle which will increase your ability to connect with Mother Earth, Quantum Energy, God/Creator, and enhance all the power you possess!

Your body is a vessel to channel energy through… energy is needed to perform all human tasks. Clogged systems create slow energy flow. Learn how to create great energy flow for your Body, Mind, and Soul.


Angelic Lifestyle – 42-Day Energy Cleanse

This is book two in the series. This book focuses on how-to-do the cleanse and great recipes.

In the bible ‘The Gift of Healing’ is granted from Spirit and is one of the nine spiritual gifts granted. Self-healing is as important as healing others, some may say even more so. If you are not healthy how can you help others? On an airplane, the flight attendant tells you to put on your air mask first, then to help others.

After reading, ‘Angelic Lifestyle, A Vibrant Lifestyle,’ the first book in this series, you will have understood the importance of Homeostasis (Balance) in your body, mind, and soul. In Quantum Medicine it is your Physical, Vital, Mental, Supramental, and Blissful Body that you are balancing.

In this book, ‘Angelic Lifestyle’s 42-Day Energy Cleanse Method & Recipe Book’ you will be able to take your new knowledge and apply it while you are following the 42-Day Energy Cleanse.

The Angelic Lifestyle is a wonderful way to empower your life. Shift happens… Create Magic!

Enjoy changing your life one day at a time! Constance, Grand Reiki Master


Part One

Angelic Lifestyle’s 42-Day Energy Cleanse

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight to Forty-One

Day Forty-Two

Now What?

Part Two

Plan and Prepare Your Meals

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Supplements

Make your Angelic Foods Shopping List

Measurements & Quick Conversion

Safe Cooking Temperatures

One of the Secrets to Cooking is… Spices and Herbs

How Herbs Work

Growing Your Own Herbs

Cooking with Herbs

Shelf Life of Herbs

Basic Herbal First Aid Kit

Most Common Herbs and Spices used in Cooking

Meal Plan Chart

Part Three

Great Recipe Ideas


Introduction to Ayurvedic Diet

The Five Element Diet

Meridian Body & Eating Clock