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“Hypnosis or trance is the means to quiet the conscious mind (keep it busy) so we can access the subconscious and superconscious mind.” Constance Santego

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Secrets of a Healer – Magic of Hypnotherapy

Emotional stress can cause many distresses. The holistic counseling and hypnotherapy techniques taught are based on my books and will help the practitioner learn effective techniques that can be used on the client in a very relaxing manner.

The Miracle of Hypnotherapy

I was fourteen when my grandmother took me to see Reveen. I was mesmerized by his ability to put people into a trance state and suggest that they do something, and they did. But it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I was hooked. I wanted to know how they did it! How did the hypnotist make you do things that you said you couldn’t do?

Once I found out that hypnosis was a type of meditation and that you were speaking directly into the subconscious mind, is when I fell in love with it! I have not found anything better than hypnotherapy for helping a person be rid of their phobias, past hang-ups, fears, or self-sabotage acts. I now use a combination of hypnotherapy with soooo many of the modalities I offer. It is one of the most incredibly effective techniques I know how to do to help empower a person’s body, mind, and soul.

Learning Outcome

When you have completed this book and studied the concepts and techniques, you will be able to perform basic hypnotherapy to help reduce stress, relax sore and achy muscles, and empower the body, mind, and soul. For you, your friends, and family.

  • Relax, Rejuvenate, and Expand your Awareness,
  • Learn the many Different Types of inductions and techniques,
  • Bonus, learn how to perform the ‘Energy Clearing Technique.’

Topics covered in this workshop include:

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy vs Hypnosis
History of Hypnotherapy
Old School Procedure
New School Procedure
Leslie M. LeCron & J. Bordeaux Scale
What Comes Next?
Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain & Mind
Levels of Consciousness
Holistic Counseling
Body Language
Hypnotherapy Counseling Rules for the Practitioner
Feelings when your needs are satisfied
Feelings when your needs are not satisfied
Arm Levitation
Breath Method
Spot Method
Imagery Method
Count Method
Fractionation Method
Confusion Method
Quick Method
Handshake method
Coin Method
Deepening Techniques
Re-Inducing Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy Session
Interview the Person
Purpose For the Session/Procedure
Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
Hypnotherapy Procedures
Safe Place
Story Mode
Different Viewpoint
Kinesthetic Point Healing
Ericksonian Style Hypnotherapy
Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking Script #2
Weight Reduction Script
Weight Reduction Script #2
Hypnotherapy Sample Form
Emotional Clearing Technique (ECT)
Emotional Clearing Procedure
ECT Sample Form
Guided Meditation
Other Ways to Practice Self-Hypnosis/Meditation