September 16th - 26th 2018

California Dream Getaway

Holiday & Retreat
For Like-Minded Holistic & Spiritual
People, Teachers and Coaches

Wishes Do Come True
Anaheim, CA - August 10th 2016: Mary Poppins smiles at a young child as she leads a line of children in song and dance in front of Cinderella's castle during Disney's 60th Diamond Celebration.

Let Your Inner Child Out To Play!

Not only are we going to have the time of our lives laughing and having fun in that California sun,
we will also be empowering our bodies, minds and souls to the next level!

This fabulous California holiday retreat is all about you! All about you leaving behind all your work and home responsibilities... Just for ten days. Ten revitalizing days just enjoying the sun, fun and well deserved me time. Rejuvenating your inner child love for life and having the time of your life playing while you give your soul a recharge.

I have been sharing my knowledge in the holistic arts for over twenty years; imagine embracing your inner child to soar to the next level or even to a quantum leap that you are needing for the next part of your journey.

Not only are we going to all these magically fun places, BUT we will be meeting in the morning for a two minute meditation setting a new goal for the day to be achieved. Each place we go will have the theme of what we are working on in our own personal growth and self empowerment. What are you going to work on while visiting the zoo?

This is not going to be what you think. Have you ever learned how to astral travel into an animals body and sensed what it is sensing? Ya, probably not, but the empowerment of learning how to do that is one of the most amazing experiences that you will have ever experienced. And that is only day one. 

By the time you get home you will:

  • have learned many amazing techniques to empower yourself everyday for the rest of your life
  • play and laugh with like-minded friends
  • let your inner child out to play so that your subconscious mind can create your next step of your dreams into reality
  • have gained a new level of spiritual insight and guidance

This Retreat Is Where Magic Meets Transformation
Come Join Me On An Adventure Like No Other

Inner Child Play

 What Color
Is Your
Super Hero Cape?

We Are Starting Our Fabulously Playful Holiday
In The Beautiful City Of San Diego, California

San Diego is Spanish for 'Saint Didacus' and has been called "the birthplace of California". What a perfect place to start remembering how to play, at a birth place.

* Admission to San Diego Zoo
* Unlimited use of Guided Bus Tour
* Express Bus
* Skyfari Aerial Tram
* All Exhibits and Shows
Not Included:-
* Special Ticketed Events/Attractions

Day 1 & 2 San Diego, California

We are so going to meet and bring out our animal guide at the San Diego Zoo...

The power of your totem animal is part of your tribal upbringing from your first generation of ancestors. Bring in the instinctual strengths and abilities of your past.


So what experience are you going to learn from the the lion, elephant, hippo or... 

"Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it."
--Rapunzel (Tangled)

Next, We Venture Down South Just A Little Bit Further...

Baja Wine Country & Learning Connie's Life Changing Techniques

Play Can Be So Transformational!

All About You

Concentrating on the Soul DNA of You

Day 3 - 6 Baja Mexico

One of the towns we will be visiting...Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Mexico. A quaint village that is known for its incredible wine and hospitality!  For any of you from the Okanagan Valley, imagine it sixty or more years ago. It is like going back in time, just add a Spanish accent.

Valle de Gaudalupe

When we get into Mexico we will be enjoying that evening, a wine tour and true festive Mexican cuisine.

The next day is just plain and simply for us to enjoy a shopping spree and tour of this beautiful sea shore city of Ensenada, oh what el tesoro (treasures) will we find?

Learning a new language is always a great way to get your subconscious mind creating; your challenge will be to learn three new words each day and use them. 



Constance has been facilitating this magically holistic inner child transformation information for over twenty years and is thrilled that she is now sharing it with you!

Dreams Do Come True!

If you are a person who is on a body, mind and/or soul discovery journey,
then this retreat will awaken your inner child coding to self empowerment!

Hey, who is that we are going to run into... Shawn & Suzanne. We will be on their property while we spend the two days enjoying the country life and our inner child workshop.  Let the magic of Mexico transform us even more. Have you ever seen a Mexican igloo?

You will!

For Those Of You Who Like To Know More About The Workshop...

What You Can Expect, Read More About The 2 Day Inner Child Workshop 

Shawn & Suzanne

Shift happens...Create magic!

On The Road Again...

Day 7 Anaheim, California

This evening we will be enjoying one of the most spectacular dinner theaters you have ever been to! We get treated as Lords and Ladies, how cool is that!

* Roundtrip Shuttle transfers
* Admission to Medieval Times Dinner theater

Imagination is the creation of manifestation... tonight you get to live even further back in the past and transport yourself into the realm of King Author and Guinevere. You are going to enjoy participating in this evenings feast and tournament as a Lady or Lord!

Day 8 Anaheim, California

The Magical of all Kingdoms!

Disneyland!!! Since I was six, this has been one of my most favorite places to spend a day on Earth (One of my goals is to have been to every Disney park in the world, I have been to three so far, and the one we are going to five times). 

* Roundtrip transfer from Anaheim/Beach area hotels
* Admission park hopper pass into Disneyland & Disney California Adventure Park

Haunted Mansion
Disneyland Fun

You are going to be able to see, feel, know and hear real magic!!! Walt Disney had a dream that he just could not let go of and even though he was turned down, went bankrupt and lost most of his friends he just kept persevering and like magic his dream became reality... did you know one of his beliefs was to never ever finish a job completely, so that his dream could keep manifesting for the rest of time.

What magic will you see?

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun."
-- Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)

Day 9 Hollywood California

Put on your shades, the stars are out even in the daylight... Hollywood Baby! Hollywood Tour, Sunset Blvd & Beverley Hills...

Los Angeles,California,usa. - July 23, 2016: Los Angeles,California,usa. 2016/07/23:Hollywood boulevard,blvd, road at sunset,Los Angeles,California,usa.

Hollywood Is Known For The Lives Of the Rich & Famous... Sometimes we need a reminder, inspiration and motivation to get our mojo juices flowing to transport us through our next big goal! Today's challenge will be to find one keep sake that you can bring home to remind you of this inner child journey. Something that every time you look at it, touch it, read it, you will know that in your body, mind and soul the item reminds you of your inner child power of creating your dreams into reality is real!


* Roundtrip Shuttle transfers
* 2 hours Open top Van Tour with Star Track Tours
* Time before or after your tour to walk along Hollywood walk of fame
and view the stars on the sidewalk

SEE the homes of Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Elton John, Lucille Ball, Julia Roberts, and over 50 other amazing sights!!! PLUS Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, the fabulous Sunset Strip, the Hollywood sign, and breathtaking Mulholland Drive!!!
This is the only Tour with 32" TV's in every vehicle that play videos taking guests inside the homes of the rich and famous.
It's very unique and very fun!

"Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts."
-- Merchant (Aladdin)

Day 10 Hollywood, California

Universal Studios... Harry Potter Here We Come!!! Creativity is the start of all new ideas, concepts and history in the making...where illusion becomes reality!

* Roundtrip transfer from Anaheim/Beach area hotels
* Admission ticket into Universal Studios

This is were imagination is the biggest key to manifestation! We are going to do something that we would normally never do today... Maybe it is a thrilling ride, maybe it is acting like a kid, maybe it is...whatever, no matter what it is for you, today is the day.

Extra Bonus On This Trip, An Extra Invaluable Resource… Me!

“With almost a one on one, ten day holiday with me, you get over twenty years of my knowledge sharing this incredible life changing information! And hey, who said you can't ask to learn some of the other stuff I teach". With each group, what comes out of my mouth is always slightly different. Each time the groups energy shifts how I present my material...

What special group energy is this trip manifesting?

~ Constance Santego and my wonderful husband, luggage attendant, pool boy, etc... Heck, he is my everything, Love you Nick!

Every Time I Have A Group
Of Like-Minded Individual That Get Together,
Magic Happens!

Whomever said working on yourself can't be fun,
was doing it wrong!




When I started to plan this retreat I was shown that there will be ten playful souls joining me. Ten is new beginnings in numerology, a perfect number for what you are magically creating for your inner child transformation!


Cost for this 10 Day Magical Holiday Retreat, including the 2 Day Workshop with Constance Santego:

  • Includes

    • This package will include these options:-Roundtrip airfare from Kelowna (call for price from your destination) 
      -2 night hotel in San Diego at the Sheraton Mission Valley
      -4 night hotel in Valle de Guadalupe at the Quinta Arratz
      -4 night hotel in Anaheim at the Holiday Inn and Suites Anaheim Resort
      -1 admission to San Diego Zoo including transfers from the hotel
      - Shuttle to Baja Mexico & back
      -1 Wine Tour & Dinner in Valle de Guadeloupe
      -1 Leisure Day In Ensanada
      -2 day Inner Child Transformational Workshop including lunch & dinner
      -1 admission to Medieval Times Dinner including transfers from the hotel
      - 1 day park hopper pass to Disneyland including transfers from the hotel
      -1 Hollywood Star and City tour including hotel pick up
      -1 Universal Studios day pass including hotel pick up
      -A bit of free time to relax (who am I kidding, we are here to play)

As of July 5th, 2018 Your Investment is $2665 CND (Double occupancy)
Prices are subject to change based on availability, BOOK NOW!

Constance Santego's Inner Child Workshop BONUSES:

BONUS 1: $200 Value
Inner Child Prep Pack (cool exercises to get you started even before you leave)

BONUS 2: $250 Value
Surprise Gifts

BONUS 3: $225 Value
Online 24/7/365 Access to the Your Persona Workshop Manuals and Videos  (even more than what I teach in the workshop)

BONUS 4: $500 Value
30 days of post-trip support from Connie to keep continue your inner child transformation

BONUS BONUS: $ Invaluable
Pay in full and get a one-hour 1:1 coaching call with Connie! You are welcome to use this before or after our trip.

We're going to have
Fun, Fun, Fun in that California Sun

Shifting To Our Next Level!

Register Today!

$2665.00 CND 

Contact Rachel and her team at Orchard Park Flight Centre to book this fabulous California Dream Getaway with Constance Santego

When you book at Orchard Park Flight Centre with Rachela or her team, tell her it is for the, "California Dream Getaway with Constance Santego",  You will be paying the travel agency not me. It is my workshop and retreat but they have put it together for me... So awesome to have such professionals pull together what I want with a price better than what we can't get by doing it ourselves!

Extra (Not included)*transportation to and from airport, health insurance, some meals and extra services are not included in the price.

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I have been telling everyone that what you learn in one of Constance's Inner Child Transformation Workshops was the best course I have ever done! Connie’s delivery is totally awakening, empowering and informative, she is even adds humor. So, thank you to the whole angelic team for putting a retreat together.


I’ve read and heard Constance Santego so I knew some of the basic principles, but this 10-day experience is going to go way beyond anything you can read or see on the internet. I have very high expectations of this special time with Constance. I know I will not be disappointed at all! It will be an amazing 10 days of learning and increased awareness. There will be a lot of laughter – Connie has a wonderful sense of humor! I think the thing that strikes me the most, though, is Constance’s sincerity. She really wants to help us all lead the extraordinary lives that are available to each and every one of us. It will be an incredible time and I know I will be much more aware, more “conscious” than when I arrived.

Soul Journey

My life will never be the same. The information Connie has shared in her workshops is exactly what I needed, with more direction and information of who I am, and to live my life in the direction of the purpose of what Spirit has planned.


Sometimes we just need to play...

like we are children


And Having A Good Time


10 Day Inner Child Soul Transformation Retreat
San Deigo, Valle de Gaudalupe & Ensenada, Anaheim,
Los Angeles and Hollywood

September 16th-26th $2665

Creating a new type of sandbox and designing your life as an epic new game!

Saturday, September 16th Arriving in San Diego

September 17th  Enjoying a day at the San Diego Zoo

September 18th  Traveling the beautiful Baja California Coast to the hidden treasure of Valle de Guadalupe Wine Valley – Evening tour of ___?___ Winery including a scrumptious Mexican Dinner Cuisine.

September 19th  Day Tour of Ensenada. A traditional Mexican town which is locally referred to as La Cenicienta del Pacífico, "The Cinderella of the Pacific".

September 20th & 21st Inner Child Workshop with Constance Santego in Valle de Guadalupe

September 22nd Traveling back to San Deigo and up the coast into Anaheim, California. That evening dinner and entertainment is at Medieval Times Dinner Theater. A feast you will remember!!!

September 23rd YEAH!!! Real Inner Child Play...Disneyland! We are going to challenge ourselves to do things we would not normally do... Don't worry I wont take pictures... Yeah right, I will be and laughing with you as you play like a kid!

September 24th Hollywood Tour, Sunset Blvd & Beverley Hills...To get a glimpse of how the 1% live...see, think, do and then copy if that is one of your dreams!

September 25th Universal Studios...Harry Potter Here We Come!!! Creativity is the start of all new ideas, concepts and history in the making...where illusion becomes reality!

September 26th Home Time... Leaving Los Angeles with all the new tips and tricks to create the future we desire and dream of!