Past Retreat Pictures 2018


I have been telling everyone that what you learn in one of Constance's Inner Child Transformation Workshops was the best course I have ever done! Connie’s delivery is totally awakening, empowering and informative, she is even adds humor. So, thank you to the whole angelic team for putting a retreat together.


I’ve read and heard Constance Santego so I knew some of the basic principles, but this 10-day experience is going to go way beyond anything you can read or see on the internet. I have very high expectations of this special time with Constance. I know I will not be disappointed at all! It will be an amazing 10 days of learning and increased awareness. There will be a lot of laughter – Connie has a wonderful sense of humor! I think the thing that strikes me the most, though, is Constance’s sincerity. She really wants to help us all lead the extraordinary lives that are available to each and every one of us. It will be an incredible time and I know I will be much more aware, more “conscious” than when I arrived.

Soul Journey

My life will never be the same. The information Connie has shared in her workshops is exactly what I needed, with more direction and information of who I am, and to live my life in the direction of the purpose of what Spirit has planned.


Was September 16th - 26th 2018

California Dream Getaway

Holiday & Retreat
For Like-Minded Holistic & Spiritual People