Healing From Down Under

12 Day Introduction to Australia Re...treat... 
Plus 2-3 days extra travel days to and from Australia

Future Retreat (Date TBA)

Hey All Bruces and Shielas... Meet Ramzie, Our Mascot For This Trip!

Since I was eighteen I grew up in the family business; Sheepskin. Not only did we sell slippers, gloves, hats, and other wool products, we manufactured many items for medical purposes (I still have two cousins that are in the business, if you ever need anything).

This retreat is all about learning self-help and healing... I will be sharing with you my Secrets From A Healer - Magic of... Series information (especially Aromatherapy) and all the medical secrets to Wool!

Hey, and don't worry Ramsey will be taking us on a few cool sights seeing adventures along the way. Anyone up for a walk-about?

cartoon sheep

Who Wants To Hug A Kangaroo And Koala Bear?
Along with the Kiwis birds, these are a few more of the other sites you are going to see.

Australia (2)
Australia (3)

Australia has some of the oldest, most diverse and detailed rock art in the world.


Australia (1)

Ready for the Opera in a magnificent city like Sydney Australia or the cosmopolitan of Melbourne.

Australia (5)

With over 70, 000, 000 sheep, Down Under is famous for it's ultimate in luxury and beneficial health and healing wool and sheepskin products!

FACT: sheepskin is warm in winter, but cool in summer!

We will be touring interesting health and wellness companies, like Bowron, Merino and New Directions Aromatics.

Incredible knowledge of the amazing Medical Sheepskins right from the tanners.

  • Specially chrome tanned sheepskin hides (can go in the washer or dryer).
  • 1” thick wool pile SHEARLING
  • The dense wool provides soothing comfort for those suffering from back ache or arthritic pain.
  • Helpful for those long vehicle trips, motorcycle or in bed... looks great in front of the romantic fireplace too


sheepskin rugs

Healing Body, Mind & Soul
with Essencial Oils - Aromatherapy

Australia's most famous aromatherapy is 'Melaleuca'... tea tree oil, with eucalyptus as a close second!


We will be touring New Directions Aromatics and participating in one of their fantastic workshops. I have been purchasing their essential oils products since 1999, when it was still called Poya. The quality and effectiveness is outstanding!

Come and learn with me from the manufacturers

BONUS: You will be receiving my Secrets Of A Healer - Magic Of Aromatherapy Course material to continue your aromatherapy blending abilities!

Counting sheep has never been sooo exciting!
How many days before we get to leave?


Who Thinks The Aussie Accent Is Sexy?

Oh come on, I know I Am Not The Only One

Prices and Itinerary will be available September of TBA
(approximately $5500.00 from Kelowna )

Here is where we are thinking of going: Sydney, Ayers Rock, Uluru, Kings Canyon, Aurora Alice Springs, Barrier Reef, Kuranda, Cairns, and Melbourne... a little bit of everything.