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Magical Fairyland Live Event
June 23rd, 2019

Fairy Tales Do Come True

Children love to play make believe and only once a year are adults allowed to...on Halloween.
We are about to change that to at least twice a year!

A Fairy / Faerie is a mystical being or spirit of the elemental species, legendary for their European folklore of enchanted beauty and magical powers. Wikipedia says "In Old French romance, a faie or fee was a woman skilled in magic, and who knew the power and virtue of words, of stones, and of herbs". 

To ward off an angry fairy, St. Johns wart and four leaf clovers were used. Many of you were a Brownie as a young girl, which originates from the fairy stories. Cinderella had a fairy Godmother. Peter Pan had Tinker bell. The Indigenous people, English, Irish, Celtic, Scottish and Greeks have many stories about the fairies. Walt Disney knew to bring in the mystical wonder of the fairies into his playground. Shakespeare in, A Mid Summer Night Dream and Nimphidia became famous plays.

The wonders of the fairies is magically intriguing...the wings, the glimmer, the magic...Come dress up and play as a magical fairy of your choice.

Hey, there are male fairies as can come and play in this mystical land of the fairies.

What Type Of Fairy Tribe Are You Going To Be From?

Fairy Tribes

  • Earth Fairy Tribe
  • Ballybog:  Peat Fairy - Very ugly in appearance
  • Gnomes: live among the tree roots
  • Heather Pixie: (moor sprites) a type of pixie fairy with beautifully delicate and translucent wings
  • Pixie:Pointy ears, noses, and highly defined eyebrows. Are usually friendly but tend to also be mischievous and like to play tricks on humans
  • Fire Fairy Tribe
    • Salamanders: fiery lizards are known to aid in workings of passion and revenge.
  • Mystical Fairy Tribe
    • Banshee: warning of death
    • Brownie: a benevolent house fairy
    • Changeling: in place of a kidnapped child
    • Clurichaun: a cousin of the leprechaun who is usually dressed in red and guards a family's wine cellar.
    • Elf: Warriors
    • Lady of the Lake: offered Excalibur to King Arthur of Camelot
    • Leprechaun: said to hide their cauldrons of gold and treasure at the end of a rainbow
    • Seelie Court: good fairies known to ride on the wings of the heavens
    • Sprite: Elf Fairy
  • Water Fairy Tribe
    • Alven: though they don't have wings
    • Ashrays: mistaken for sea ghosts
    • Irish Sea Water Guardians: greenish blue light and travel on seashells
    • Kelpie: to be carnivorous and cannibalistic.
    • Merpeople: Mermaids and mermen
    • Selkie: a type of fairy that is a shapeshifter
    • Water nymph: Have a reputation for being obsessed with sex
    • Will O'Wisp: dances across lakes and bodies of water at night flickering like a candle or orb of light
  • Wood Fairy Tribe
    • Devas: fairies that appear as bright orbs of light that live in nature and are one with Mother Nature.
    • Dryad / Druid: From the Celtic sacred trees
    • Wood Nymphs: Have a reputation for being obsessed with sex

During The Event we will be demonstrating; how to do your fancy fairy make-up and hair, with glitter and ribbons. How to dance like a fairy, how to have wings like a fairy (don't forget you can have a wand). We will be drawing fairies, telling fairy tales, sharing secret healing herb and aromatherapy potions. Learning how to make flower and herb fairy gardens so you can invite the fairies into your own castle.

There will be food vendors with a feast of scrumptious salads, finger food and decadent deserts that you can nibble on at your leisure.

You can even have a fairy fortune reading or buy beautiful fairy gems and jewelry.

Come One And All

Cost for your Journey into the Magical Fairyland Kingdom

Your entrance into the Magical Fairyland Kingdom is the coinage of $39, this will gift you all the wonders we offer of being transformed into the magical fairy you are destined to become.

Enjoy the feast we sell at the market. We will have many types of enticing vendors displaying their gifts and wears for trade of coinage to enhance your beauty of your body or the seeking of your future told.

Book Early To Recieve Surprise Gifts

All Three Dates Reg $199

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