You must Believe

Pray to Archangel Chamuel and his team to help you
find Faith, Unconditional Love, Loving relationships, Compassion, and Peace.

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you could move mountains…

Jesus was not wishy-washy. The stories told are all about him commanding and demanding. He did not humbly ask to turn water into wine, he expected it.

We only get what we think we deserve. I can blame others all I want, but really I am in control of my life and only I can choose if I stay or go, eat or not, work or not, play or not… all my choice.

The words “I AM is the key. All the words you need to use need to be in the present tense, as if in the now. Your mind does not know the difference between pretend and real. It only knows what you are thinking right this minute. What you are attracting to you with whatever you are thinking.

When you have a dream and then a second thought pops in that creates any doubt in your mind then the doubt is what the mind remembers. You have to create a solid pathway that only has the positives of the dream you wish to come true.

When your body, mind, and soul are all in sync with the desired outcome, you will move mountains. It really does not take hardly any effort to move mountains, just belief!!! Faith and belief are very similar words. You must believe in yourself and have faith that you are or you will manifest your dreams, wishes, and desires to come true.

Some people think it is very conceded or arrogant to have that much belief in your abilities. But if you are not hurting anyone else, then who cares how you act. Dress for success! Act as if you already have it! Imagine that it is real already!

Faith is the driving forces of your will power, your energy self, your ability to manifest and achieve your dreams. Ask yourself this, “What is the difference between an eighteen-year-old getting out of school and making a million dollars and a sixty-year-old deciding to do the same thing?” The eighteen-year-old knows he or she has nothing to lose by trying.

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you could move mountains…

Faith is associated with Belief, Truth, Facts, and Trust.

Not everyone has blind faith; where you just go along with whatever someone says. Unless we hear it from a policeman/etc., teacher, parent, grandparent/family member, and of course the younger we are the more one just believes and trusts.

Faith is something that we can have problems with because as we age we find out that not everyone believes the same thing. As in; there is more than one bible and they all do not say the same thing. Or as a kid, we are told to stay away from drugs, and then as adults, we take the same medicine that was once considered bad for us.

Faith can be very misguiding. We may listen sometimes and then not other times. The problem is when a spirit is talking to you and telling you to do something. When are you supposed to believe what spirit says and then do it?

I wish in my own case that this one time in particular that I had listened, but ego can get in the way…And it did, and the end result was heartbreaking and devastating.

A high up spirit will NEVER guide you wrong, NEVER give you false praise (they do not need to praise you), Never give you ‘if you do this then you will get’, NEVER tell you to do something that leads you to do harm to another person, NEVER anything that is bad. You can test a high up spirit as much as you want and they will NEVER get mad.

Faith is something as an adult we have to re-learn, but it is not something a human can teach you. You will have to test yourself and retest until you believe yourself that you trust in your gut that there is truth to what you hear. Your intuition is accurate and you know the facts.

Practice makes perfect. Practice the gifts and learn to trust yourself and your intuition that the messages from your spirit guides are accurate.