Emotional, Physical, Mental, or Spiritual


Pray to Archangel Raphael to help you heal yourself and others

We are the only ones who can really heal us. Medicine and Doctors can help but in reality, it is our own body systems that create the cellular repair needed in our body that really does the healing. Medication can cover up the symptoms of illness and pain and create the illusion of health. But take away the medication and chances are your body is still sick.

The vibration of your cells, PH of your blood, the food you eat, the thoughts you have all contribute to your health.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison

Deepak Chopra writes about the experience of a roller coaster ride that can create the chemical reaction in your body to heal from the damaging cancer cells. Documentation of many placebos tests that were given to clients who were complaining of sickness and healed even though there was no real medicine given. There have been many articles written about how hypnotherapy and meditation session has also had many clients healing after a session.

There is also documentation of where a person has been put under hypnosis and was lead to believe they were about to be burnt with a branding iron and all that was used as an end of a pen, and within moments a burn appeared on the person’s skin where they believed to be poked with imaginary heat.

Many healers believe healing comes from the mind, Louise Hay wrote many books on emotional causes of physical ailments. I have witnessed families who gave up hope and died within days of being told they were sick.

Faith healing in the church, there are so many stories of where a group of people prays for a sick soul to be healed and the person becomes well. Hands-on healing, where a person lays on hands or hovers above another person and imagines color or energy that heals the person.

Food, herbs, and aromatherapy used to heal. The vibration of a person’s ph level (acid or alkaline) an acid body attracts the bacteria, parasites, etc. needed to come and decompose a dying person. Imagine a tear, happy, or sad. Acid or alkaline the tear taste very different depending on the persons' state of mind.