Mental Growth

Pray to Archangel Raziel and his team to help

in understanding Past-life regression, Dream interpretation, Answering your question about the mysteries of the universe, Your connection with the natural elements of fire, air, water, earth, metal, and ether, and Manifestation.

To me, knowledge is a life experience, education, and common sense. You learn from your peers, family, teachers, enemies, from everyone, and everywhere all day long. Your short term memory and long term memory stores what you need and a lot of times what you do not need.

Having a balance in the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual elements of yourself is the key. Knowledge can be instinct – survival: food, clothes, and shelter. Or it can be prestigious – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc.

No matter what you need to keep learning until the day you die (use it or lose it as they say). Learning new things keeps us young and open-minded. The world changes so fast, we seem to just blink and technology seems to have changed already.

What you have learned can come from, watching, listening, reading, researching, or coping. All you can take with you when you die is your memories. Learn how to communicate even past your earthly days.

Knowledge can also be passed down through your DNA by generations of family experiences. Ever wonder why there are many doctors in one family, or lawyers, or business people, etc.

Knowledge can also be attained through the friends you hang out with. A little like, ‘you are what you eat’. Well, you are who you associate with.

I am sure many would agree that there have been times when you are talking or giving a speech and the information seems to flow brilliantly out of your mouth. Your subconscious mind lets loose and the knowledge retained in your memory (limbic system) just flows out.

To empower others is to teach them how to fish, not just give them the fish. Share your knowledge with others, tell stories, write articles, do videos on YouTube, paint the history. Train your mind to retain important information, train your mind to let go of negative emotions, train your mind to notice subtle hints and clues to your wishes, wants, and desires. Train your mind to speak your truth and act on your knowledge.

Meditate. Learn to calm and focus your thoughts. Learn how to let your mind teach you all about health, wealth, and happiness. Teach others how to meditate and gain access to the brilliance of your mind!