Archangel Raziel

Spiritual Gift - Knowledge

Raziel – Male

  • Aura/cape - Rainbow
  • Face – a little feminine (but he is male), white beard (like merlin)
  • Age – much older
  • Hair – med to dark brown, going grey/silvery
  • Eyes – ruby
  • Skin - tawny-skinned face
  • Wings – Silvery or sky blue
  • Armor - He is usually depicted wearing armor or chain mail and an unsheathed Sword
  • Size - He is taller than Michael
  • Holding - a ring of Ancient Keys, money in his right hand, and in his left, he is holding an old book (it was believed to be thrown into the sea and then fished out – contains the secrets to the celestial and earthly worlds.)
  • the tree of knowledge (apple tree)
  • Angel of mysteries and keeper of secrets

Known as the wizard and alchemist of the Archangels as he holds the key to unlocking many of the secrets and mysteries of the Universe.

How Can Archangel Raziel Help You...

    • Past-life regression
    • Dream interpretation
    • Answering your question about the mysteries of the universe
    • Your connection with the natural elements of fire, air, water, earth, metal, and ether.
    • Manifestation

Archangel Raziel Prayer

Archangel Raziel, I am ready to awaken to the mysteries of the universe. I ask for your rainbow light to wash over me and cleanse me of anything that would hold me back from your glory. I have awoken to the power of the unknown and with gratitude, I am a humble servant of the celestial world. Please allow the flow of miracles into my life. Amen.

Why I Believe You Should Know This Information...

You are ready to learn how to bring your wishes, wants, dreams, and desires into reality.

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