Archangel Uriel

Spiritual Gift - Wisdom

Uriel – Male

His name means 'Light of God'

  • Aura/cape - Barn Red aura/cape
  • Hair – golden dark brown
  • Eyes - brown
  • Skin – like Michael
  • Wings – Golden Fire, crimson
  • Armor - Uriel's casual attire is usually a crimson tunic with crimson leather breeches and matching boots. When in his formal attire, he prefers armor of the same color with elaborate gold detailing.
  • Size – more childlike than Michael
  • Fiery sword in his right hand and in his left, he is holding a Thunderbolt
  • Behind him descending from heaven in a chariot drawn by white horses.
  • Angel of wisdom and salvation

How Can Archangel Uriel Help You...

    • Inspiration
    • Motivation
    • To clarify your life's purpose


Archangel Uriel, divine angel of the light, please raise my frequency by surrounding me with your radiant love-light energy. Empowering my body, mind, spirit, and soul on every level with your sunbeam energy of enlightenment. Grant me inspiration to seek the truth and turn my knowledge into wisdom. Amen.

Why I Believe You Should Know This Information...

Honesty, integrity, truth, and facts are an essential part of wisdom. Having power and knowing what to do with it, are two different things. Master is an honor, it is time for you to share your knowledge.

Books, Courses, & Workshops


Wisdom of a Soul

7th book of 8 in the series of 'The Nine Spiritual Gifts.'

This Novel will be available fall/winter 2023


Advanced Life Coach Certificate Program

The Gift of Healing Others

Spiritual Coach Certificate Program

The Gift of Healing Others