You Have A Dream

I know everyone is selling, selling, selling and you are wondering what I am selling.

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Transformation

You had a dream a subconscious thought and now you need to create it into an idea, taking that fantasy and making it real.  You don’t know where this feeling comes from but each and every day you sense it. You may have tried to bury it by ignoring it, eating it away, gaming it away, but in the end it still is there gnawing at you every chance it gets.

You start to write out your idea, putting it onto paper, you tell a friend or family member about the idea and they tell you all the why not’s or maybe you luck out and they tell you go for it but behind your back they are shaking their head.  You persevere because the feeling is too strong and you imagine that you get signals from the heavens and they are guiding you to go further. You put the idea away again, trying to pretend it was never there in the first place, the dream was just that, a dream.

Then one day you are on Facebook, or driving and see a billboard, or a note comes by mail or email and that spark of light comes back to you, that feeling that really never went away. This time it seems even greater, more intense to have your purpose come to light. The message you read you followed up with and you trust the inner burning desire to accomplish your goal of turning your dream into reality. You contact the person advertising the message, the message that you needed to read, the message that inspired you to shift and you take a workshop from them to get you going into the right direction.

The speaker motivates you and you start to think more and more about your dream, Google about anything related to it, you start making plans, taking action. Step by step you are making your journey of manifesting your dreams into reality. Each week you are given more to inspire you to keep up the good work. Each week you improve, you learn, you sometimes don’t even realize that you are shifting.

Life gets more interesting because your passion is being released, your purpose is being fed, and you are feeling the power from within of all that you can be because you are seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing the proof, the facts and truths about yourself, of the brilliance of your idea, your dream. What it means when you accomplish each step, each goal, and each dream; and realizing that you really have a fantasy goal, one that is bigger than the one you already thought was big. It scares you a bit but it is even more exciting and the challenge is invigorating.

You decide to keep taking steps, some days they seem tiny and some days they seem big, but you keep taking them…changing how you think about ideas, concepts and reality. Finding out firsthand what reality is to you. Not just reading about it but experiencing it. You keep taking steps forward.

Then one day someone says something to you about your past and you take a moment to remember back and you know you real did a quantum leap, you transformed into the dream. Knowing the Dream became reality and you smile…

A person can sell inspiration, it is called knowledge. Provable, factual, truthful knowledge that is useable to you. That is what a coach and teacher does; they train you, guide you and inspire you. Showing you how because they are trained in the subject they teach.  To improve what you already have, taking you to your next level.

No matter if you need an itty bitty step, a big step or a quantum leap…the real point is just to start. Yes I sell great inspiration, motivation and transformational programs and products for sale.

Can a person sell inspiration? Only to a person who needs to be inspired. The old saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear…