Your Persona Quiz

What is your LOVE and LEARNING Channel?

Are you an Audio, Knower, Visaul, or Feeler?

Your Persona…

Your Persona…the mask you were born with matters! Depending on what order your four personality channels are…Audio, Knower, Visual, and Feeler, or maybe they are Visual, Feeler, Audio, and Knower, or maybe they are…whichever the order, the order really does matter!

Your Persona, the specific order in which your Four Personality Channels are arranged, will tell you exactly how and why you react in a certain way and even how you love and learn.

What I really enjoy about the four channels of the persona is that they are such easy words to remember, and they are precisely what they mean:

Audio – words and sounds

Knower – thoughts and time

Visual – sight and pictures

Feeler – touch and emotions