It All Starts With A Dream

Constance Santego is a Life Coach, Holistic Healer and Author of five books, two which are series. She owns Santego Institute Of The Holistic Arts and Santego Holistic Centre & Spa. Connie is well known for bridging the body, mind and soul consciousness; bringing your dreams of health, wealth & happiness into reality.

Constance’s background is in business, owning her first company at the age of twenty six until her back went out and she had to sell. Learning how to holistically heal herself, she gained many, many certificates and diplomas in spirituality and natural healing from amazing schools around the world. In 1999, she opened a school which became accredited in the holistic arts and ran that until 2012 teaching students from all over the world. And now, she shares her knowledge and love for holistic healing with you.

Note From Connie: Not only am I one of the few Female Canadian Holistic Life Coaches that say 'Eh' a lot, I have also been teaching these transformational body, mind & soul techniques since 1999.

My style of transformation is slightly magical, slightly scientific, slightly holistic and definitely different then the normal motivational speaker. If you are reading this then I know you are ready for a good kick in the snow pants (okay maybe where you live they are shorts). I know you are ready to take your life to the next level.

Each session, course and event I offer creates an opportunity for you to go beyond the normal day and connect with your body, mind and soul; an enlightened and empowered zen type blissfulness of freedom.

Shift happens...Create magic!  

Empowering Your Body, Mind & Soul

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