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"Miracles of
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In the fifth captivating installment of The Nine Spiritual Gifts series, ‘Miracles of a Soul,’ Canadian author Santego invites you to dive into the heart of the celestial realm. Join Alexandra “Lexi” Constantine, a New York fashion designer, as her ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn into a world filled with supernatural experiences and mystical teachings. Guided by the enigmatic yet powerful Archangel Hamied, Lexi navigates through her friend Aias’s challenges, confronting demonic afflictions while seeking the profound gift of miracles.

This mesmerizing tale is a blend of true-life experiences, Christian values, Eastern wisdom, and Western mystique, promising a journey of enlightenment and courage. As you follow Lexi’s unforgettable journey, you’ll explore the miraculous happenings that touch lives across the globe and discover the miraculous within the mundane. For lovers of spiritual fiction, ‘Miracles of a Soul’ offers deep insights into the extraordinary, revealing the wonders that lie just beyond the veil. Don’t miss your chance to experience a story of faith, mystery, and spiritual awakening that connects the divine and the mundane in the most unexpected ways.


Bestselling Author
Dr. Constance Santego

About the Author

Dr. Constance Santego was born in Prince George, BC, and now lives in the Okanagan Valley. As a child, she discovered her love of books, reading, and stories, devouring the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder, William Golding, George Orwell, and Danielle Steel.

Dr. Constance is credited with being one of the pioneers in the field of natural medicine and an influential figure whose work has significantly advanced the discipline. She is also an accomplished author whose writings span various genres, resonating with audiences of all ages.



Scaling Beyond Six Figures: Strategies for Health & Wellness Professionals

Introducing “Scaling Beyond Six Figures: Strategies for Health & Wellness Professionals” — a visionary program crafted by Dr. Constance Santego to redefine the boundaries of success for holistic healing and spiritual wellness entrepreneurs. This richly designed course, available online with an in-class option, serves as a beacon for those aspiring to not only scale their businesses beyond six figures but to also deeply impact the health and well-being of their communities. Empowering participants with cutting-edge knowledge, practical skills, and transformative wellness practices, this program is your gateway to thriving in the holistic health sector, ensuring you and those you guide can achieve unparalleled wellness.

Course Overview:

 You will learn how to:

  • Strategically Scale Your Business: Master the art of expanding your holistic health and wellness business, breaking through the six-figure ceiling with proven strategies tailored for the wellness industry.
  • Enhance Personal Well-being: Gain insights into advanced wellness practices that not only elevate your health but also enable you to serve your clients more effectively.
  • Cultivate Leadership Skills: Develop the leadership qualities necessary to inspire your team, manage your business with confidence, and become a beacon in the wellness community.
  • Broaden Your Network: Access a community of like-minded professionals, mentors, and industry leaders to foster collaborations and expand your influence.
  • Financial Mastery: Navigate the financial aspects of your business with ease, from understanding revenue streams to securing investments and managing wealth.



What People Say

"Dr. Santego's "Healing of a Soul" is a compelling blend of diverse healing traditions, seamlessly woven into an engaging narrative that captivates from the start. A testament to the power of storytelling."
Nicholas Brummet
"As I journeyed with my friends into the world of natural healing, I couldn't help but be captivated by the depth of spiritual exploration."
Lexi Constantine
"What makes this book extraordinary is its special emphasis on the enchanting world of Wicca. As a practitioner of Wicca, I found a profound connection to the themes and practices portrayed in this book, making it a treasured gem in my library."
"Before delving into "Healing of a Soul," I embarked on a journey through Dr. Santego's other literary works, including "Languages of a Soul" and "Prophecy of a Soul." Each has its own unique magic, drawing me deeper into the realms of spirituality."
Isabella Jackson

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