Fantasy Edition

Fantasy Edition-Dream Bigger!

Add-on game, to the original “Ikona Dream Big Game.”

IKONA – Fantasy Edition
Dreams, Wishes, and Desires Expansion

Start To MANIFEST Your Goals By Playing A Game: Business, Relationships, Finances, Fame, Legacy, Philanthropy, Career, Education, Big Ticket Item, Education, Vacation, Fantasy



You can play alone or with friends (if you are playing with friends, it may take a few days to complete. Some choose to play once per week until finished).

Fantasy Edition:

  • 1 Fairy Tales, Dreams and Reality Book
  • 1 Journal
  • 4 sets of 12 Goal Cards

“Discover the IKONA Fantasy Edition – Your Gateway to Extraordinary Dreams”

Before you embark on your enchanting journey with the IKONA Fantasy Edition, here’s what you’ll want to know:

1. What’s Included?

  • Learn about the captivating components that come with the Fantasy Edition, from the Fairy Tales, Dreams, and Reality Book to the Journal and sets of 12 Goal Cards.

2. How Does It Work?

  • Understand the game’s mechanics and how it complements the original IKONA (Dream Big) Game. Find out if you can play it alone or with friends, and how long it typically takes to complete.

3. The Power of Dreams:

  • Discover the importance of the ‘Fairy Tale’ chapter in the book and how it sets the stage for your adventure.

4. Dream Big with 100 Goals:

  • Find out why you’ll be crafting a list of 100 goals in your journal and how this powerful exercise can transform your reality.

5. Mastering Manifestation:

  • Explore the concepts of manifesting your dreams, from detailing your goals to breaking negative habits and creating action plans. Understand how this process can lead to profound personal growth.

6. The Reality Check:

  • Learn about the ‘Reality’ chapter and its role in your journey, including the core concepts of manifesting your wildest dreams.

7. Preparing for the Game:

  • Find out how you should prepare for the IKONA Fantasy Edition and what to expect as you embark on your adventure.

8. Balancing Act:

  • Understand the significance of achieving balance in your life and how each stone corresponds to a different aspect of yourself.

9. Documenting Your Triumphs:

  • Learn why keeping a journal is essential and how it can help you track your progress and celebrate your successes.

10. Embrace the Gift of Manifestation:

  • Discover the profound transformation that awaits you with the IKONA Fantasy Edition and how it goes beyond just a game.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your dreams and desires? Dive into the world of IKONA Fantasy Edition and let the magic of manifestation begin. Dream bigger than ever before and create the life you’ve always imagined.