Muscle Testing and the Auricions Release Procedure (A Quantum Medicine Technique) Is Effective in Pinpointing and Releasing the Blocks to Health and Wellness in the Negative Subconscious Memory

As we develop from a child into an adult, through to geriatrics, we have had many good and bad experiences. The subconscious mind remembers the best and, unfortunately, the worst experiences. The concern is with the latter.

The brain's limbic system stores these mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual negative experiences as memories in the subconscious mind. As a result, our subconscious mind controls our health and wellbeing directly through these experiences.

The main concern is that the subconscious mind will protect us at all costs, even if a new experience will benefit our future health and wellbeing. To protect us, the subconscious mind will recall similar emotions felt during a past negative incident, creating a block and hindering any new experience similar to the original emotions.

In your session, I will show that by using a muscle-testing technique, I can pinpoint when, where, what, why, and how the block was created (five bodies, chakra, meridian/organ, emotion, age, and person/place/thing). Then, using a quantum medicine modality, the subconscious block can be released in as little as one session.


The Auricions Release technique is based on the knowledge that our subconscious mind controls our actions due to stress and negative experiences in our life, thus the catalyst controlling our health and wellbeing. If a person has had a traumatic experience, they will continually act out the emotional memory they created when the experience originated until professional counseling has been given. Therefore, knowing the original point when the issue began is beneficial so the mind can release the negative emotion and energy attached to that timeline.

The Auricions Release technique can pinpoint when the person created a negative emotional memory using the five bodies, negative ions, hertz, chakras, meridians, and emotions theories and modalities.

Example: Let’s say that at the age of forty-five, a similar situation triggers the memory of a traumatic experience from when the person was four years old. Their emotions and reactions would be like a four-year-old’s response. And every time the person triggers the memory, their response will be similar at any age until the person clears the original emotional memory stored in one of the five bodies.


Step one:         Problem—Issue (reason for the session) or goal, and pre-scale of 0-10

Step two:         Five bodies

Step three:      Chakra

Step four:        Meridian/Organ

Step five:         Emotion

Step six:          Age

Step seven:     Person, place, thing, or event

Step eight:      Solution—Quantum medicine release

Step nine:       Finish, and post-scale of 0-10

Cost of Session

The initial session is one and a half hours @$350.00CND

Before the session:

  • A form will be emailed to you to fill out
  • Reason for the session (goal or issue)

During the first session:

  • Explanation of the process
  • You will be taught how to muscle test if you do not know how already.
  • One entire Auricions release session

If you need follow-up sessions, have a new goal or issue to work on @$225.00CND


To book an "Auricions Release" zoom or phone session, email Dr. Constance at [email protected]


"The session was well done, and I felt a certain warmth come over me—body, mind, and spirit. In the days following, I have to say, my energy has picked up/my main concern is easing and continues to do so. I would consider a follow-up session in the future."

"Thank you again for your wonderful healing session.


"I really felt like we accomplished the removal of more layers of stuck energy, and I think it is still processing through my system. Initially, I felt a lot of pressure around both temples during the session and for a few hours after. Slight headache, too, and a bit disorientated. Tuesday, I felt lighter and more hopeful. My rash looked less irritated, and I was hoping it would spontaneously heal, but it is now about the same. I did, surprisingly, get a dermatology appointment for this Monday, which is only one week since my doctor sent a referral, and that was surprising and super quick. Maybe that is part of the healing journey.

I did more forgiveness around the earth contract and worked on unplugging from the 3D matrix during my meditations. Your work felt very, very deep and helpful, for sure. I really appreciate you sharing your soul-healing gifts."


"My session: Going into my session, I was a bit nervous and excited to see what it was all about. The process was simple, and Connie immediately put me at ease. It was fascinating to get to the root cause of something that has been bothering me for so long. I feel like the session cleared away [the] baggage that I’d been carrying since I was a child. I left the session feeling lighter and less anxious than I had in a long time. The feeling lasted for days afterward, and when I reflect on our session, I can still feel that lightness rush over me."


"During the process, I felt strange because it was a new process… was I doing it properly? How will I know? Etc. There were many times that I’m not sure I felt much. Sometimes it felt like a tug; sometimes, I was in my head. I felt the same afterward as I did before, with a bit more reflection around the timing of when it originated. The epiphany I had was during the session around the when and what was happening in my life at that time."


"Before, I was feeling anticipatory.

During yes, it did seem that there was an epiphany to do with my Great Grandfather dying in the fire in Saskatchewan. The dates don’t align, but I feel there is a connection. One is that I had an extreme phobia of fire as a child. The other is I’ve struggled with abandonment in my lifetime. 

After, I feel lighter and more motivated."

"During the session, I felt clarity! It was very interesting to connect to [my] past life and the family connection back then.

I’m looking forward to my “homework”… reiki."


"I had some uncomfortable emotions for the next two days but am feeling more willingness to be open now.

I had a hard conversation with someone but felt good about being able to be vulnerable.

Thank you so much for your help."