How May I Help You?

If you are curious about how to get through the Pearly Gates, need help to develop your spiritual gifts, want to become a practitioner,
or need a private spiritual coaching session.

You can book an appointment by e-mailing me.


As each client is unique, so is their session.

In most cases, a person’s distress and disease are caused by a PHYSICAL issue. Be that the lifestyle they lead or from an accident. If Modern Medicine or Natural Health and Healing doesn’t work, then we test to see if it is caused by an EMOTIONAL or MENTAL issue. If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, then it is usually created from a SPIRITUAL issue.

This is my specialty, spiritual wellbeing! For over twenty years I have been studying and teaching many of the Body, Mind & Soul techniques to empower a client. Balancing their unique body’s frequency by using the technique of muscle testing to connect with their inner genie (subconscious mind) to unlock, access, and re-boot their vital energy body as needed.

When you are searching for answers, direction, purpose, motivation, inspiration and/or transformation; hiring a Spiritual Coach is the perfect strategy for bringing health, wealth and happiness back into your life.

As a Spiritual Coach, my focus is on using the spiritual world:
• FOR ACCESS AND UNLOCK - Your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and super-conscious mind
• FOR CONFIRMATION - We all need proof
• TO SHIFT - I will help you connect to the spirit world or clear negative energy blockages
• FOR DIRECTION - Your life purpose and lesson(s)
• FOR GUIDANCE – How to do this at home

The time is now to be empowered!

My Price

Private sessions is one and a half hours (1 & 1/2 hrs.)

$225 CND

Amazing what can be accomplished in one session!

Constance Santego

Healing Body, Mind & Soul On A Whole New Level

Life leads us down some very interesting paths, and I must say it has been a very interesting journey so far. For over twenty years I have been granted the pleasure of helping others through my own personal life expeditions.

Learning to heal my own problems, I started out practicing holistic counseling in a natural health and healing clinic, and on my first day of work to my extreme surprise, I was to apprentice and learn massage... that was the day I fell in love with the healing arts!!!... AND a few weeks later is when IT happened... My spiritual awakening…one of the spiritual gifts granted to me came in the most surprising way... through Reflexology.

What was the spiritual gift you ask? Distinguishing Spirits

For those of you that are seeking truth, empowerment, self-discovery, self-healing, and wellbeing it is my pleasure to share with you what I have learned so far from this exciting and magical world in the joy of mindful living.

I can't wait to experience the other half of my journey and see what mystical adventures await me.

See you soon, Constance



Karly f. Connie is so knowledgeable, and extremely warm-hearted. The treatment was very informational and fun

Tina V Very welcoming and knowledgeable!

Miranda L. A. I walked away feeling open, raw, and exuberant. My reflexology session was one of the more powerful experiences of my life providing me new insight into an already in-depth understanding of my health.

Tracy H. Connie really cares about her clients!! She goes above and beyond to help you! I would highly recommend her spa!

Anne-Marie S. Excellent atmosphere. Very welcoming and professional making you feel comfortable.

Lita P Connie went beyond the 'call of duty' - I had had an accident and she made me so comfortable and did a great 'service' to my feet/toes.

Jackie M. Very good

Suzy L. So much more than a reflexology appointment. Connie is a true and gifted healer. So relaxing!

Clint N. she was very knowledgeable with muscle groups and helpful in giving my 'frozen shoulder' more range of motion

Deb H. Awesome people, very knowledgeable enjoyed very much.

Catherine M. Foot reflexology was very interesting and a lot of fun. I definitely want to return.

Michelle M. Best reflexology and great energy.

Suzi S. Connie was so good to me and full of helpful information. It was reflexology plus...I feel amazing after that session and I will be back!