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Not matter if you are looking to join in as a single traveler or if you are planning a holiday retreat with your partner or friend, Constance Santego invites you to join her and her husband on her body, mind & soul wellness retreats. Each year is a new destination to exciting and beautiful locations all over the world.

Constance's talent is on bringing inner body wellness and empowerment of creating your dreams into reality while enjoying a fabulously enchanting location in the world. Each holiday retreat is based on a slightly different topic to be magically weaved into your life. Each trip, she will be inviting you to travel deeper into your soul and remember who you are and who you are truly meant to be, by sharing her knowledge of the holistic healing arts for your body, mind and soul wellbeing.

Book today and come and enjoy, guided tours, great food, incredibly beautiful sights, awesome life altering information and amazing company with like-minded individuals.

Can't Wait To Be Part Of Your Journey !

PS. You Will Be Booking And Paying For The Retreat(s) With Our Travel Agent At Orchard Park Flight Centre.

The Difference between a Retreat and a Workshop is...

During a Live Event or Workshop you are in the event room (classroom) listening and participating the whole time.

During a Retreat you meet for a brief time in the morning... maybe mediation, yoga and/or inspirational wisdom is shared... then touring the area with the group or alone if you like... then meeting up in the evening for dinner and to share your adventure of the day. The day is all about coming to what you like to... Freedom and no expectations of you. You are on a journey of discovering yourself and the new place(s) you are visiting.

 2020 Retreat

Creative Inspiration

May 15th - 24th, 2020 ~ Bali, Indonesia...

Body, Mind & Soul Transformational
Creative Inspiration
9 Day Retreat

Life's Inspiration
Comes From Amazing Places!

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Take A Peek At The Future Retreats
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 2021 Retreat

New Zealand & Australia...

Healing Body, Mind & Soul

 2022 Retreat

Caribbean Cruise...

Fun in the Sun!

 2023 Retreat


Pyramid Magic!

 2024 Retreat


Eastern Medicine & Beliefs!

 2025 Retreat


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2026 Retreat


Belly Dancing!

 2027 Retreat


Pizza Anyone?

 2028 Retreat


Reiki Healing

 2029 Retreat


Machu Picchu Secrets

 2030 Retreat