About Dr. Constance Santego

In a world where the mysteries of mind, body, and spirit remain largely unexplored, Dr. Constance Santego stands as a beacon of knowledge, transformation, and resilience. Her journey, marked by formidable challenges and extraordinary reinventions, underscores her dedication to the interconnectedness of holistic well-being.

Originally charting a course in the business realm, Dr. Santego’s early career as an entrepreneur was abruptly transformed due to a severe back injury. This pivotal moment steered her towards the vast and varied field of holistic healing. With an unwavering commitment to learning, she acquired numerous qualifications in spiritual and natural healing from prestigious institutions worldwide, reshaping her destiny.

In 1999, Dr. Santego founded a holistic healing college that not only secured accreditation but also thrived as a hub for like-minded individuals eager to explore holistic practices. This venture allowed her to impart her profound insights and skills, nurturing a new generation of holistic healers.

Transitioning her focus during the Covid era, Dr. Santego emerged as a prolific Canadian author. Her literary contributions include the acclaimed “Secrets of a Healer” series and “Nine Spiritual Gifts Granted By Spirit,” which delve into the realms of metaphysics and the spiritual gifts enumerated in the Bible.

Further extending her influence, Dr. Santego established BookWizard Hub Inc., supporting authors on their publishing journeys. Her leadership as founder and CEO reflects her passion for fostering creativity and sharing knowledge.

Dr. Santego’s teachings emphasize the scientific basis of healing as an access point to quantum energy, transforming the mystical into tangible, proven facts. She is particularly revered for her classes on spiritual enlightenment, aiming to demystify the spiritual gifts and bring them into the scientific fold.

A celebrated speaker, Dr. Santego has captivated audiences across North America with her keynote speeches on “The Inner Genie” and the “Nine Spiritual Gifts.” Her educational pursuits span holistic health, bodywork, business, writing, and spirituality, epitomizing lifelong learning.

Dr. Santego’s legacy is not merely her own transformative journey but also the profound impact she has had on countless individuals, guiding them toward self-discovery and enhanced well-being. Her life’s work is a testament to the power of adaptability, resilience, and the endless pursuit of knowledge, embodying her belief that “Shift Happens… Create Magic.”

Dr. Constance Santego

Dr. Constance Santego, an acclaimed author, educator, and pioneer in holistic healing, has dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of mind, body, and spirit. With a rich background in entrepreneurship and holistic health, she founded a holistic healing college and later, BookWizard Hub Inc., to support authors on their publishing journeys. Dr. Santego’s books, including the renowned series “Secrets of a Healer,” explore the depths of metaphysical healing and spiritual enlightenment. Her teachings transform mystical concepts into scientific realities, empowering individuals to explore their spiritual gifts and achieve greater well-being.

Join Dr. Santego on a transformative journey where “Shift Happens… Create Magic.”

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