Quick Fix


Balancing Method – Quick Fix

You can do this sitting or standing. You usually do this on your body to show him where to touch, while the client does it simultaneously on his own.  Say,

“In just a few moments, you will rub some points on your body. First, take a breath and sense if there is any pain or discomfort anywhere in your body. Put a number to it, 1 being hardly any problem and 10 being almost unbearable… “

This is very important since most people need some comparison to determine if anything worked.

Starting with the front of your body:

1) Using your thumb and middle finger (left or right-hand does not matter), or using both pointer fingers, place the two fingers just below your collar bone and about two inches on either side of your breast bone (letter B). You should feel or notice an indentation on either side that might be sensitive or painful.  Lightly rub in either direction (some people believe it has to be in a clockwise direction, but I have found it works either way).  Do this for a few moments. Make sure you keep breathing.

2) Next, with the karate chop part of your hand (ulna side) or your fingertips, rub up and down (distance is approximately four to five inches) just on the outside (lateral) of the breast, not entirely under the arm (letter A), three to five times. You can do both sides of the body simultaneously or one at a time.

3) With your fingertips, you will now rub up and down your sternum (between your breasts, letters J, E, M & K). Most of these movements I do three to five times on each point. You can do more if you like.

4) I use my thumbs next; rub just under the breast area on your ribs (letters L & C). I start in the middle and go outwards.

5) Next, follow along your diaphragm, the bottom of your rib cage (letter F), in the same motion as before.

6) Now imagine you have four corners around your belly button and rub/press all four at once (G & H).

7) With either hand, using the karate chop part (ulna side), touch your body between your hips, just above the pubic bone, and rub from left to right a few times (letter I & G).

8) Using the palms of your hands, rub the outside of both legs downwards to your knees (letter N & I) three to five times.

9) Now follow the same procedure on the inside of your legs (Letters N& F).

Now, the focus is on the back of your body:

10) Using your pointer fingers, rub ‘A, Ren’ on the back of the neck. Bend the head slightly forward and rub the indents on either side of the spine just below the skull (Cervical 1, Cervical 2)

11) Using either a corner of a doorway or your hand (if you can reach), rub your spinal column from about your shoulder blades all the way down to your hips (letter B, E, J, M, K, L, C, D, F, H), again two or three times.

12) Now, on either side of your spine, rub the yellow triangles (letters N, G & I) up and down.

13) Using the opposite hand, starting at the outside of the shoulder, lightly pinch along the top of your shoulder towards the ear (xxxxxx– letter O) two to three times.

14) Now take a couple of deep breaths and re-evaluate the pain level or number at which you started. Most people find that the pain is entirely gone by just doing this once.

-Repeat a second time if the number does not go to zero.

-If, after a second time, the number has not gone to a zero, you may need to go to a chiropractor for an adjustment. I have also had a client who had pain in a bone in his foot that had not healed, and the body was protecting itself from injury. So be careful to give yourself time to heal if you have hurt yourself.

Special Note From Connie:

I had been working in the industrial sewing business since I was twelve, as my parents owned an awning and manufacturing business.  After fourteen years of sewing in both my parents and then my own company, and two children later, my back went out. I never really knew what would precipitate the pain. All I seemed to have to do was pick up a pencil from the ground, and it would go out so badly that I would end up on the floor from the sheer pain and, without help, could not move for days.

This had been going on for about two years, and only the chiropractor could keep it in place…. but it always seemed to go out on the weekends when he wasn’t working. The diagnosis was that my spine could no longer tolerate all those years of repetitive motion and that I had no stomach muscles. And, to boot, the X-rays showed that I had one extra vertebra in the lumbar part of my lower back.

I sold my business in the hope that it would solve the problem, but the difficulties continued.  An operation was to be my last resort. This idea didn’t thrill me too much, so I decided to try alternative medicine. I started taking classes on Muscle Testing, where I learned this balancing method.   I personally had to do this exercise two to three times a day for months and at least once a day for a year until my body retrained itself and the muscles grew back to their proper position.

Who would have thought that something so simple that anyone could do, once learned, would mean no cost and no more pain?

The great thing is I didn’t need that operation after all, and my back is still okay. It was many years later before I had to see the chiropractor again, and this time, it was because my sciatic nerve started to make me take notice that I wasn’t getting enough exercise.

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by Dr. Constance Santego