Audio Channel

Audio Channel:

Clairaudience (clear hearing)
Oral and Written Language

If Your Main Channel Is Audio:

  • Words are very important
  • Love to listen to music
  • Hear and understand the lyrics to a song
  • Enjoy typing or writing with a pen
  • Are very literal, blunt
  • Need detailed and factual information
  • Love information in a printed format
  • Need to have everything in writing, so there is no miscommunication
  • Can seem arrogant
  • Can be loud
  • Childhood toys: play telephones, any type of computer, bang on pots, anything that makes noise
  • Adult toys: computer, ipods, stereos, communication; cell phone, webcam, karaoke,
  • A cell phone is their life line to the world, they cannot live without a cell phone (probably have more than one)
    • Will not turn off their phone(s) unless made to!!!
    • Cannot miss a call (even when sleeping – will answer it at any hour)
  • Listen to the radio
  • Are extremely good at spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Love languages, probably speak more than one
  • If a Poker player; uses textbook rules
    • Can be verbally bullying
  • Need to hear it, or read it, to believe it
  • Their hand writing is long winded and literal
  • Will read the instructions on how something works
  • For travel/driving directions – use street names, left or right, miles
  • Need everything very clear and precise; it is either correct or wrong
  • May have done graffiti as a kid
  • Love to talk (in person, on the phone and in letters, Facebook, chat rooms)
  • Love to have money in the bank, RSP’s, Stocks, etc. (Numbers are facts!)
  • If they have an addiction, it is only because someone said it was cool
  • In the shopping mall;
    • Will only buy brand name items
    • Items must be on sale or a great deal!
    • Will stop and talk to everyone they know.
    • Would bring a friend for their feed back
    • Will buy online (E-Bay)
    • Purchase for fashion and trends
  • Automobile; will be new or a classic (great stereo and a great deal)
  • Their house will be focused around their sound system and computer
  • If they have a tattoo, most likely it will have words and sayings on it

Test Answers:

Written, you should have received the answer Audio from the twenty questions

Muscle Testing, 1st Channel should answer Audio

In Pictures, majority are of you talking or mouth open

Eye Movement, When you answer a question you look from side to side with your eyes(at ears)

Body Movement, You like to talk with your hands at the side of you

Word / Listening Skills, Words you use…

  • A hamburger would sure sound good right now.
  • Can you tell me more details?
  • hear ya
  • Listen to that
  • I don’t talk the same language.


  • Saying or hearing, I love you
  • with cards
  • with music