Feeler Channel

Feeler Channel:  

Clairsentience (clear feeling)
Kinesthetic / Touch

These people:

  • Are always busy… go, go, go…can’t sit still
  • Are great at getting the job done – and quickly
  • Are very spontaneous and will try anything once
  • Go by their gut feeling
  • Love to play sports and be active
  • Are very competitive
  • Need to use their hands / Love to touch things
  • Tell stories with lots of emotion
  • Are a bit moody or emotional
  • Are very sensitive to taste and texture
  • Talk with their hands (even when driving) and very touchy when they talk
  • Can be very sensitive to the energy of others, bad or good
  • Need to feel it to believe it
  • Love the beat of a song (tap along)
  • Only have a cell phone for work, to keep in touch with family and friends, or to play games
  • Need real money in their pocket
  • Are very creative with their hands; wood carving, pottery, models
  • Childhood toys: Lego, stuffed animals, forts, cars, anything fast, action figures
  • Adult toys: video games, fast anything, sports / fitness, board games, playing cards
  • Their hand writing is fast and usually messy
  • If a Poker player: Love to play for fun or on the internet
    • Hate to lose in public
    • Gut feeling, lucky or the odds are against them
    • May not play many hands if not sure if they can win
  • Do not like to lose
  • Are forgetful, cannot find things easily
  • Take a long time to calm down after having an issue
  • May sleep walk or act out in their sleep
  • If they have an addiction, it is only because it feels good or to not feel at all
  • In the shopping mall;
    • Will only notice what they are going in for
    • Do not like waiting while someone else shops
    • Quick in and out of all stores unless just to walk around (good exercise)
    • Food court is the best place
    • Usually will not buy anything they cannot touch first
    • Purchase for fit and durability
  • Their automobile; will be fast, big and can go off road
  • Their house: will be spacious, comfortable, temperature controlled, inviting, room for all the toys, not always clean
  • Tattoos would have a deep meaning and probably would be about another person

Test Answers:

Written, you should have received the answer Feeler from the twenty questions

Muscle Testing, 1st Channel should answer Feeler

In Pictures, majority are of you touching someone or doing something

Eye Movement, When you answer a question you look down with your eyes(at feet)

Body Movement, You like to talk with your hands, mostly at the side and out front of you

Word / Listening Skills, Words you use…

  • I really feel like eating dinner
  • That taste has a weird texture
  • Which feels right
  • I don’t think we are on the same path


  • Mostly sex
  • Touch of any kind
  • Play a game or sport