Miracles of a Soul – Book 5




Book 5 in the Series

In the fifth captivating installment of The Nine Spiritual Gifts series, ‘Miracles of a Soul,’ Canadian author Santego invites you to dive into the heart of the celestial realm. Join Alexandra “Lexi” Constantine, a New York fashion designer, as her ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn into a world filled with supernatural experiences and mystical teachings. Guided by the enigmatic yet powerful Archangel Hamied, Lexi navigates through her friend Aias’s challenges, confronting demonic afflictions while seeking the profound gift of miracles.

This mesmerizing tale is a blend of true-life experiences, Christian values, Eastern wisdom, and Western mystique, promising a journey of enlightenment and courage. As you follow Lexi’s unforgettable journey, you’ll explore the miraculous happenings that touch lives across the globe and discover the miraculous within the mundane. For lovers of spiritual fiction, ‘Miracles of a Soul’ offers deep insights into the extraordinary, revealing the wonders that lie just beyond the veil. Don’t miss your chance to experience a story of faith, mystery, and spiritual awakening that connects the divine and the mundane in the most unexpected ways.

Soft Cover ISBN: 781990062124


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